Governor Sarah

10/02/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Sarah Palin was the mayor of a town with less people than live in my apartment house. She is the governor of a state with less people than attend Yankee Stadium in the month of July. She supported Pat Buchanan and believes in creationism. She can shoot and kill a defenseless animal. She competed in a beauty pageant. She is married and has five children. If John McCain wins the election and dies while in office, Sarah Palin will be the Commander in Chief.

I don't care if people support McCain, but please don't lie about how fit this woman is for the presidency.

I used to respect Monica Crowley until she breathlessly uttered that Palin's nickname on her high school basketball team was barracuda. She crowed about it like it was an asset in her favor to be CIC. It was pathetic, and not ironic or humorous,she pretended to mean it.

Be honest, Republicans. You can't have Lieberman win the evangelicals over, he is pro-choice and a Jew. It can't be Ridge, he is pro-choice and a Catholic. Sarah Palin is perfect. A woman who ignores science and is just as eager to push other women into back alleys as any man. Pro-gun, anti-choice, anti-intellectual, she is Phyllis Schlafly if Schlafly was really good looking. She appeals to every facet of bigotry the James Dobsons of the world espouse. She is monumentally ill prepared to assume the duties she might have to take on, and the fools who supported Bush because he is a sexual bigot are ready to back this moose predator for the same reason. Her son going to Iraq is not reason enough to pick her as veep. My best friend served in Vietnam, that doesn't qualify me to be Secretary of Defense. C'mon GOP, she is an extremist who allows the religious fascists back into your circle, just own up to it.


Sarah Palin