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If you could throw a candy bar at someone and it killed them, that candy bar would be outlawed and people who bought that candy bar would be held in contempt. People who tried to rationalize the right to buy and own that candy bar would be judged as evil and foolish. Now think of the NRA.

If U.S. Senators didn't feel compelled to show off to their racist constituencies when questioning a Supreme Court nominee.

If excessive drinking was outlawed on reality television, if instead these alcoholics were provided help and rehabilitation.

If top flight athletes were so flattered by the attention, they would pay their fans when asked for an autograph.

If television evangelists told their viewers that they have no idea what Jesus would want them to do,and the quest for money and material possessions does not exist in any of Christ's teachings.

If people who put up racist blogs about President Obama were punished by having to say it to his face.

If Rush Limbaugh thought sneezing into a jar brought him huge ratings, what do you think you would hear from him for three hours a day?

If Dennis Miller was funny again.

If we knew why so many of the women who speak for GOP family values were single.

If S.C. Governor Mark Sanford ran or relelction on the slogan "You were dumb enough to elect me once...."