Invitations You'll Never Have to R.S.V.P.

10/26/2011 11:36 am ET | Updated Dec 23, 2011

The induction of Michelle Bachmann into Mensa.

The farewell party for Dick Armey as he moves to Appalachia to devote his life to the welfare of the poor.

The fund raiser for Planned Parenthood hosted by Rick Santorum.

The debut party for Rush Limbaugh's new book, "Ten Steps to Marital Stability".

The Mary Kay get together at the home of Naomi Wolf.

The HBO screening of Dennis Miller's new concert film,"Still Funny".

The Bruce Springsteen concert for Occupy Wall Street sponsored by the Koch Brothers.

The debut of "My World", a new show on Fox News Channel starring MIchael Moore.

The dedication of the new Ted Nugent SPCA shelter.

The release party of Keith Olbermann's new CD, "My hero, Bill O' Reilly".