Is That All You Have, Limbaugh?

02/22/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

As the days and months and years of President Obama's administration pass by, he will spend a lot of time cleaning up the mess left behind. We have a serious era in front of us, and the country has elected a serious man for the task. In fact, he is so serious, that Rush Limbaugh is starting to sound like a small-minded punk in his attacks on the new Commander in Chief.

Limbaugh's emotional ladder seemed to be missing a few rungs when he attacked Michael J. Fox based on the disease that is debilitating the popular actor. He sounded more like a moral sewer when he made fun of Elizabeth Edwards with a blow job joke predicated against this brave elegant woman battling cancer.

Since Limbaugh wouldn't give a liberal credit for curing all the world's diseases -- he would probably say it was an attempt to cripple the medical industry -- I read parts of his website yesterday and, sure enough, he was immature, petty and counterproductive.

He made a big issue of the stumbling as the oath of office was administered (since Justice Roberts invoked the wrong words, we'll leave it at that). He "thinks" Senator Feinstein said "oaf of office," and he brutally criticized an inaugural address that was pretty much praised by virtually all others in the media. In other words, he read like a small-minded punk.

We know about Limbaugh's record of attacking African Americans, from a virulent riposte against a caller in Sacramento, to losing his job at ESPN for his know-nothing assertions about Donovan McNabb, to assuming Senator Sherrod Brown was black because of his name.

If President Obama is successful, Limbaugh will sound sillier and more ridiculous. His show will become a carnival of weak accusations and moronic losers calling in with dumb rumors and jackass theories.

There will always be a base audience to believe in the rotten fish Limbaugh peddles, because he operates on the twin emotions of fear and anger, and that can always draw a crowd.

Soon, however, he will start to sound like his female counterpart Ann Coulter: a strident voice listened to less and less as the nation moves forward and these sad sacks just stand completely still.