12/01/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Name Your Kool Aid

The reason I am asked to appear on news channels and sit on panels is that I am a liberal and I am funny. If you've ever watched these kind of shows, you know those two facets are not often found in those arenas. I don't mind being in the minority, I just mind being the only sane person on the premises.

If you state that you're right on every issue, then you are either lying or nuts.Worse yet are the people who buy into this malarkey, that one side is always on the money. Worse than that is the belief that the reason for this infallibility is that the Lord guides them. Right. Jesus cannot save souls today -- he has to weigh in on tax cuts.

So there I sat with three women who are newsreaders and all were to the political right of me. It was disturbing to debate issues with people who were supposed to be somewhat neutral,and yet were obviously rooting for one candidate, rooting to the point of spreading manure around, manure disguised as accusations regarding a candidate.

We were asked to accept on faith that one of the candidates for a major party trucked with men of violence and sedition. When I asked the panelists if any of them actually thought that a candidate for a major party was a willing associate of a domestic terrorist,the universal response was, "who can say,these are some of the things we need to know about him."
Based on that model,I can assert that the other candidate likes to feel up little girls. Does anybody believe that? Well, we have to find out for certain. Yeah, that sounds demented either way, huh?

All I want is for real news people to speak about the news. I want them to be like Red Barber, the great sports announcer. He said although he was hired by a team to broadcast their games, he didn't care who won, and his passion for great play on either side proves that.
It has reached the point that if a liberal discovered a vaccine that cured cancer, the right wing press would accuse the researcher of stabbing small children with needles. Oh! Yeah, and he cured cancer, too. I don't mind when sides are taken, but not every game is a no-hitter -- even great people make errors.

Grudging admiration and constant carping just make you look and sound silly, and unless that's what you're actually peddling, it IS silly.

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