07/23/2009 05:58 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Of Course It's Race

Imagine being asked what your name is. You tell someone what your name is, and the person asking says, "That it isn't your name." You produce your driver's license, and the questioner says, "That isn't your name." You produce a utility bill with your name, and you are told, "That isn't your name." At this point you realize you are being questioned by someone who is either a dunce or has another motive for not facing the obvious facts presented to them. This brings me to the "birthers," a group of people wading in the shallow end of the gene pool. They don't think Barack Obama is a U.S. citizen.

Oh, sure they can see the birth certificate attesting to his birth in Hawaii at Sure it has been published over and over and over. Sure the Honolulu Star Bulletin had a birth announcement with the news of the arrival of a child named Barack Obama in the Aloha State in 1957. But like an unflushable toilet, it's hard to keep the stench of racism and ignorance down.

Yes, this is about race. The jackass who stood up in Delaware and confronted Rep. Castle about Obama's birthplace yelled "I want my country back," Gee, what does that mean? Let me tell you. It means you don't want a Black guy running the country. Lou Dobbs raises doubts about Obama's birthplace after Kitty Pilgrim deflated the charges on THE LOU DOBBS SHOW, prompting Jon Stewart to wonder if Dobbs watches his own network. Dobbs is so crazy about people of color, I am amazed that he didn't stand in front of the White House on January 20th to stop Obama from moving in.

Sean Hannity does himself no service by raising the point. Limbaugh's skepticism isn't surprising, given his racial tilt towards the principality of Redneckonia.

Folks, if Michelle Malkin says she thinks Obama doesn't think the "birthers" are right, you have to take a deep breath and give up. Of course African American marionette Alan Keyes is a "birther." He was stupid enough to move from Maryland to Illinois for the privilege of getting his ass kicked by Obama in a US Senate election. Keyes occasionally emerges from his lagoon to jack up his speaking fees, and should be ignored for the folly of his pathetic rhetoric.

Let me state the obvious: the country is turning brown. Obama will not be the last person of color to be elected to run the country. Sonia Sotomayor had to endure being called a 'Latina Chick Lady' and racist by people who think Clarence Thomas is down with the people.

What the "birthers" don't realize is that they are running out of room. No one cares what they think except them,and making up lies to prove a point is what stupid kids do on final exams. It doesn't pass there, either.