Oh Mickey You're So....

07/29/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Mickey Weiner has a radio show. He broadcasts out of San Francisco and is heard all over the U.S.A. His radio show has been used as a forum against gays,women,and minorities. From what I hear, he has a lot of people tuning in, but has trouble getting sponsors. I hear that a J.C. Penney, Geico, and Intuit have dropped him ,all because he said the Senate has been ruined because women are in it -- that and so much more.

If sponsors can drop him because of that, what will they do after they hear his latest spew? This is extra putrid spew. This is Mickey Weiner at his worst. He has said that autism is not a disease, it is a case of children with no father not being told to shut up. He said that the asthma epidemic in inner city children is a just a ruse to get more welfare money.

Usually when Mickey picks on people, it is adults (except when he called Abu Grhaib "grab an Arab") who feel the sting of his bilious fangs. This time, he has attacked children,children with ailments that never go away, children whose illnesses bankrupt and split up families, children who are part of a tragic malady.

Naturally, the radio industry would be expected to step up and condemn this beacon of filth. He should be at least reprimanded for picking on the most vulnerable segments of our society, right? WRONG!

Yes, progressive websites have taken him over their metaphorical knee, but no conservative, not even the ones who have kids, have swung the heavy lumber against this bullying punk. Advertisers have run away like he is a walking contagion, but it is too much to ask that like-minded gabsters take offense at this offensive human being?

Weiner was axed from MSNBC when he wished AIDS on a caller. What will it take to make his presence unwelcome on all the airwaves? Murder? Theft? Authoring a book entitled "Hitler Had a Point"? I have never urged a boycott of a fellow radio host,but no good is served by hearing someone aver that sick children are not really sick. Enough.

By the way, you may know Mickey Weiner by his assumed identity, Michael Savage. I think "has issues" is all over a person who changes his name from Weiner to Savage, but it doesn't mean he is a bad person. What he says and thinks proves that.