That's A Wrap

07/17/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Dear Senator Obama,

Your kids are gorgeous. They are very together, very focused,very smart. That is why I will never see them in an interview of this kind again.

I know what happened, Senator. You weathered the stupidity of people attacking you because you had a possible change of plans regarding Iraq, you were feeling giddy, it was the fourth, and what the heck, let the world see these two jewels, Sasha and Malia, and it's kind of a neat birthday gift for Malia.

Bill Cosby said he never showed the world his real kids because they (and I paraphrase), "are not funny, not talented, and have nothing to say."

These are kids. Beautiful, bright kids. All I got out of the interview was that Barack Obama hangs on to comfortable pants. That is being a man. I had a pair of pants that just up and died on me like an old car. This doesn't make Obama unique. This makes him a guy. I already knew he was a guy.

What I didn't know until the interview was what Obama looked like when he is in hell. The look on his face as he watched his children speak in the interview will come close to what it must look like.

Most of the other White House were in high school or up during the time their fathers served. Why, who could forget the image of George W. Bush reading sports scores, his feet up on the polished table that held the National Security Council. Classy then, classy now.

If Obama is elected, we will see a lot of his children. Seen, please, for them, and you, and us. Seen, and not heard. Not unless they choose to be heard.