Their Best, Their Brightest

04/09/2013 04:21 pm ET | Updated Jun 09, 2013

The two Republicans who are thought of as leading candidates for the White House are Senator Marco Rubio of Florida and Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky. These are the best the GOP has to offer. Consider this before the excitement over these two overwhelms you:

Rand Paul stated that he thought that a business owner has the right to refuse to offer goods and services to anyone regardless of race, sort of the Civil Rights Bill in Bizarro World. Now, why is this a bad idea? Here's why: If a person cannot be served in a restaurant because the owner doesn't like their skin hue, another racist will hear about this and think that is an ideal place for them to own a business. Soon a lot of businesses of this sort will occupy this area, and soon you will have a part of town that certain people of a certain color will not feel safe. If Rand thinks that all the people refusing service based on race are well meaning Libertarians, then he is either sheltered or dense,or lying about his true intent.

Now on to Florida. Senator Rubio made a big issue of his family escaping Castros's Cuba to find freedom in the United States. Well, guess what? It turns out that the Rubios landed on these shores before Castro took over. Rubio spewed a lot of blather about how great the U.S. of A. is and it didn't matter when they arrived, which is an enormous crock of manure. Would it matter if I said that my Dad was in Vietnam in 1968 or 1988? Yes it would. Would it matter if a Jewish person left Poland in 1937 or 1997? Yes it would. And I promise you it matters to Cuban Americans if one of their people left Cuba before Castro as opposed to after Castro took power. Maybe Cuban Americans forgive a lot, and Rubio better hope so, because that's a lot to forgive.

If this is the cream of the Republican crop, someone should check for curdling.