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Well, Mel?

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Erik Von Brunn is the son of the old man who killed a security guard at the Holocaust Museum. For years, James Von Brunn, this aging malfeasance, tormented his family and friends with his anti-Semitism and racism. He blamed Jews for everything from monetary woes to wars. He held people of color as lower than snake stomach, he was a man who had poison running through his system for decades. He had already served time for attempting something stupid like taking over the Federal Reserve. Sure, one monkey could stop that show. Von Brunn's son Erik denounced his father, denounced this monstrosity, denounced him to the point of wishing the old man had died instead of the guard.

Then there is Mel Gibson. Yes,Mel,the Oscar winning entertainer. Mel, the star of "Lethal Weapon I-IV", and "Braveheart", and other movies with enough blood to fill a Red Cross emergency unit. Mel's father is Hutton Gibson, a fanatic Catholic who avoided the priesthood because he was offered a parish in New Guinea or the Phillipines (those folks are brown,you know). Hutton Gibson is also a Holocaust denier. He also thinks 9/11 occured by means of remote control. He actually believes that the Jews who no longer lived in Poland moved to New York after WWII. Sure,some Jews died,he said,but not because of Hitler.

Now you would think that Mel Gibson would be ashamed of having a crackpot for a father. On the contrary,he said that his dad never lied to him,that it wasn't that Jews didn't die in WWII,it was the number. He also thinks that Jews are the cause of all the wars in the world. I know,he said it while he was drunk. Do you think he needed a drink or two to come to that conclusion? Do you think that if he was sober, he wouldn't think that was so?

Erik Von Brunn and Joseph Mengele's son Dieter are ashamed of their fathers' behavior. Mel Gibson's dad never killed anybody,but he couldn't have cared less about those Jews who did perish at the hands of the Nazis. It is hard to believe that a talented artist could have such a dark soul,a soul inherited from a man so vile. Yet there it is,in quotes all over the internet. Gibson has had every opportunity to be ashamed. That shame does not exist, only our embarrassment at thinking he had human qualities to be admired where none exist.