Where Were You When...?

04/25/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

President Obama made a joke referencing The Special Olympics when trying to make a joke about his lack of bowling skills. All hell broke loose. Maria Shriver (whose mother created the Special Olympics) was upset. A kid from the S.O. challenged President Obama to a game of tenpins. On and on the criticism mounted. The president apologized, but this isn't enough for some right wing creeps who won't let it go because they are miserable slugs who would dump on Obama if he cured cancer for screwing research labs out of grant money. Let me respond with a few points regarding this gaffe.
1)Does anyone really think this is in character for the President? No? Me either.
2)Did any of the GOP creeps go nuts when Limbaugh made a blowjob joke about cancer victim Elizabeth Edwards?
3)Did any of these miscreants react when Limbaugh made fun of Michael J. Fox's degenerative nerve disease by flailing his arms so wildly his man tits scraped the ceiling?
4)Did anyone notice that Sarah Palin criticized Obama for his remark around the same time she was turning down stimulus money for special education?
5)Radio blowhard Mark Levin never refers to the president as President Obama,so we get it,you don't recognize him as POTUS. How edgy! Disresepctful and never criticized as well.
If you're going to go after one of your own for tasteless and cruel remarks,then don't go after this guy when it is by all accounts not a part of his character.