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Sam McPheeters
Sam McPheeters is a freelance writer living in Pomona, CA. His writing has appeared in The American Prospect, Bookforum, Chicago Reader, OC Weekly, The Stranger, Vice, and The Village Voice. His blog, Loom Of Ruin, can be read here.

Blog Entries by Sam McPheeters

Trashing East L.A. County

Posted June 21, 2011 | 17:59:09 (EST)

A quaint white mailbox announces 1371 East 9th Street in Pomona. In either direction, long strips of grass mark an unassuming thoroughfare that is surprisingly clean and quiet. The small-town tranquility belies this site's importance to the fifth largest city in Los Angeles county (home to the LA County...

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WikiLeaks Bummers for Lefties

Posted December 15, 2010 | 10:38:51 (EST)

The ongoing WikiLeaks saga is captivating, in part, because its hugeness extends in so many directions; breadth, depth, duration. Like the roiling, inky geyser of the BP oil spill, WikiLeaks' revelations keep squirting their way into the world, defying the most powerful governments and technologies. A growing consensus lauds the...

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