06/07/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Michael Savage Hangs Up on NPR

England has banned Michael Savage from entering the United Kingdom, along with 15 other individuals that include a Hamas extremist, a Jewish-Israeli extremist and Russian gang members.

Michael Savage appeared on NPR's Talk of the Nation with Neil Conan to defend himself. He opened by vigorously defending his right to free speech and showed outrage about what he perceived as British intolerance. But when the first caller to the show began criticizing Savage for some of his extreme views, seemingly angry Savage quickly put an stop to the caller's exercise of free speech, issued a ultimatum to the show host to stop accepting additional questions and comments from callers and hung up on NPR when Neil made it clear that he wasn't taking any orders from Savage.

It's quite ironic that someone like Michael Savage sees no hypocrisy in strongly defending his right to the First Amendment only to show outrage and intolerance a few minutes later toward the views of someone else he doesn't agree with.

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