Blogging the Anti-Gay Amendment...From THE Closet

06/05/2006 03:52 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Today, at 2pm, Bill Frist took-up the "Marriage Protection Act," or the "Incorporate Hate Into the Constitution" act on the floor of the Senate.

In my new book "FUBAR: America's Right-Wing Nightmare," co-author Stephen Sherrill and I investigate what we call "anti-gay gay Republicans;" those on the right-wing who would like, somehow, to legislate away their true sexual desire: to be gay.

And the Bush administration is complicit. On one hand, pundits are correct to say that the Administration's support for the "Marriage Protection Act" is an act of political pandering and a way to move attention away from the rest of their failed agenda. But on the other hand, Bush is enabling gay anti-gay intolerance. As Michelle Goldberg posted on this very blog, included in today's anti-gay three-ring circus were Alan Chambers and Randy Thomas of the ex-gay group, Exodus International, the umbrella group of the ex-gay movement. According to their spokeswoman, it was their first White House invitation.

And maybe it's because they're so busy. As we show in FUBAR, these ex-gay groups turn out to be fantastic pick-up joints (for ex-ex-gays).

So today I'm going to put on my journalist's hat, and really try to empathize with those anti-gay-former-gay "Exodus" people, and, probably, a few Republican Senators supporting this amendment.

Therefore, today I'm blogging from the closet.

seder in a closet2.jpg

I've got the C-SPAN 2 stream on my laptop, and wow does Republican Colorado Senator Wayne Allard look sharp in that red tie.

So far, it's pretty dark in here. And a bit crowded.

More later...