03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Matchmaker in the Know: Bad Breath Killers on a Date

Have you ever wondered what things are the biggest bad breath offenders? Have you ever wondered if your bad breath might actually be killing your dates or at least your chance of having another date?

Here's what I know...

People notice bad breath, they do. A lot of times, they try to work through it because we all have bad breath once in awhile. However, if your breath is so offensive that they can't even pay attention to your conversation because they are distracted by the stench of your breathe then chances are, you will not be getting another date.

  • Red wine is the biggest offender. A lot of people prefer red wine, a lot of people say that red wine is good for your health and a lot of people think red wine is more sophisticated. However, red wine makes your breath smell bad and its stains a lot of people's teeth. Translation- you breathe smells bad AND you are talking to someone you like with purple teeth. Choose vodka instead. Its odorless.

  • "Not eating" gives you bad breath. A lot of female fashionistas will spend the day, "fasting" so that they can fit into that tight sexy Herve Leger number for their date; little do they know that they might look sexy but they won't smell sexy if they haven't eaten anything. If you don't eat all day, then you will have that I am hungry breath and that kind of breath is very difficult to eradicate. Make sure you pop several mints when you leave you office and grab something like a banana which should take the smell away.

  • Peanuts give you bad breath and the smell lingers on you. I know it's tempting to eat those peanuts on the table at the bar at the St. Regis hotel but choose the cashews, the almonds or the pistachios instead.

  • Olives give you bad breath. Don't eat a bowl of them at the bar- they are condiments, not appetizers! And on a date, don't ask for extras in your martini so you can chow down on them, they are bad for your breath. A martini is a great for the breath but keep in mind that olives are a little stinky.

  • A cavity in your tooth gives you bad breath because there is open decay in your mouth. If you have a toothache go and get it fixed.

  • Being sick gives you bad breath. "Sick breath" is particularly unappealing because it's makes your date not want to kiss you for two reasons, one because your breath is unappealing and two because he/she will fear getting ill. If you don't feel well, stay home, so you can make a good impression another time.

  • Garlic gives you bad breath. Everyone knows garlic is a breath killer but these days a lot of people don't care because they love their Pasta Puttanesca or their Pasta "a la spicy" at Il Mulino. However, keep in mind that not only does garlic kill your breath but a lot of people sweat garlic out of their pours so you wind up with body odor as well as bad breath! If you want a good night kiss, save you pasta craving for football night with the guys!

Samantha Daniels is a well known Professional Matchmaker, President of Samantha's Table Matchmaking and the author of Matchbook: The Diary of a Modern Day Matchmaker (Simon & Schuster)