12/12/2013 09:45 am ET Updated Feb 11, 2014

Is It Really All About 'Likes'?

The answer to most teens is, YES! I am seeing that many of my peers have an unhealthy obsession with how many "likes" their pictures (especially selfies) receive on Instagram. Many of my friends seem to believe that the more likes they get on their picture, the more attractive they are. Many teenage girls will go as far as to delete their photo if it doesn't receive a certain amount of likes in a given time period, and I personally know of many people who if their photo doesn't receive at least fifty likes in twenty minutes they will delete it off Instagram.

Girls also have a habit of giving a simple like so much more weight than it deserves, some girls will think that a guy likes her if he just likes her Instagram picture. Now in some cases this may be true, but that is pretty rare that a guy is trying to send you a message with a simple like on your photo.

To some people, it may be puzzling that all that most teenage girls worry about are how many people "like" their photo, but the reason they care so much is simple. Teen girls need to feel validated, and with the rise of social media; likes have become a way to measure your self-worth.

It is ridiculous to measure who you are as a person based off of how many likes one photo receives. You are so much more than just a photo! As for me, I think that is completely ridiculous. I feel that if you are confident enough in your picture that you want to put it out there for the whole entire world to see on any social media, then you should be confident enough to stand behind your photo regardless of the likes the photo may or may not receive.

So many people have created this obsession with being validated on social media whether it is by your follower count, or by your amount of likes, and I think that it needs to end now. A teenage girl is worth so much more than the amount of likes on her Instagram picture, or the amount of followers she has.