Celebrate Your Divorce With a Good Old Greeting Card

11/03/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Have you noticed that journalists and talk show hosts alike cite the ever-rising divorce rate like it's a bad thing?

Okay, so maybe it's not the BEST thing either, but it's not discussed often enough what a personal triumph ending a relationship can be. Maybe you made a mistake--got married too young or committed simply because you thought that's just what people do. Perhaps you and your partner grew apart and were simply going through the marriage motions. There are countless scenarios, and once upon a time ending a marriage was such a social crime that it couldn't even be considered (this is why the rate has risen by the way, not because they were better at marriage back then). These days, divorce can be bold step forward. People reclaim their lives, get to know themselves all over, and then go on to look for (and find!) love on their own terms.

The crazy couple (yes, they're married) behind Cerebral Itch believes it's high time people start celebrating divorce the same way they celebrate all other joyous occasions--with greeting cards. "Marriage did not agree with you but thank God the judge did," reads one card. Another mockingly professes: "I would have preferred 'widow' but I'll settle for 'divorcee.'"

These cleverly irreverent cards are written for a friend to send to a newly divorced friend rather than for exes to send to each other--though there are no rules saying you can't. The cards manage to embody the sacred ritual of sitting around after a break-up and having all of your friends tell you, "You can do sooooo much better!" I strongly recommend, however, that you really think it through before sending. Send only if you're certain you'll get a hardy laugh or at least a laughter-through-tears reaction. Straight up tears is bad. If you're not up for that whole stamp / envelope thing, each card comes with a free e-card equivalent. Cerebral Itch also puts its cynical spin on other cards such as thank you, apology, engagement, holidays, get well, and a heaping spoonful of others.

Although they're steeped in sarcasm, these 21st-Century greeting cards are not without heart. One of my favorites reads on the outside: "So help me God if you get back together with her." On the inside: "I'll probably still be here for you. That's what friends do."