Kudos to Sir Paul McCartney for Skipping the Prenup

03/19/2008 05:00 pm ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

I don't like the concept of prenuptial agreements.

To me, drawing one up is like planning the divorce before the wedding takes place. That being said, however, I've been known to stray from my beliefs considering the circumstance. For example, when Britney announced she'd marry Kevin with no prenup I though that was beyond foolish--some wise attorney did eventually to talk her into it.

This logic may be a bit skewed, but I tend advocate against prenups for first marriages--believing you should embrace the innocence of the act and go for it full throttle--but for every marriage after that, the caution is understood and prenups are acceptable. (The Brit/K-Fed marriage was her second, if you'll recall).

That is, except, when Paul McCartney is concerned. When he married Heather Mills in 2002--the second marriage for both of them--with millions in his back pocket and no dotted lines in sight, he received ridicule from the press and praise from me. I thought it was sweet. It was courageous. It was a great tribute--to his first wife.

Paul McCartney knows how to make a marriage work. He and Lady Linda were partners in crime for nearly 30 years. They married in early 1969, and she was his constant muse. Paul wrote the songs "Lovely Linda" and "Maybe I'm Amazed" for her. She was a member of his second band, Wings. They wrote songs and toured together. They raised four children--including fashion designer Stella McCartney and photographer Mary McCartney--on a farm in Scotland, as they preferred a quiet family life. From where Paul stands, not only do marriages work but they work remarkably well. They produce amazing second-act careers and successful children. I once heard it said that the creative duo didn't spend more than eleven days apart during their entire marriage. Tragically, he lost Linda to cancer in 1998.

When Paul decided to marry again, he approached it the same way--with no hesitation. He remarried with the same confidence and gusto any young groom would proudly possess. It's easy to say, "He should have been more careful because he's bigger now," but he married Linda in the midst of the Beatles break-up. He was probably bigger then, at least in the way of screaming fans. Any passerby could have called Linda a gold digger just as easily as we tag Heather with the title. Regardless, Paul knows the ins and outs and ups and downs of marriage--celebrity marriage nonetheless. He had every right to think he could make it work just as well on the second go round. Unfortunately, his second wife wasn't nearly as classy as the first and he literally paid the price.

Jackie Kennedy Onassis once said, "The first time you marry for love, the second for money, and the third for companionship." That maxim seems to ring true here.

The bad news is Heather Mills received $48.6 million in the settlement. The good news is she didn't receive the $250 million she asked for, which the judge called "unreasonable, indeed exorbitant," and Paul continues to be worth at least $700 million. The best news is history won't remember Heather--she'll get a mention--but it's Linda McCartney who will stand the test of time. She'll be beside Paul in all the rock-legend coffee-table books, and she'll receive the credit she deserves for being 50% of one of the most successful celebrity marriages ever seen. If Paul does decide to marry once more, let's hope he fulfills the prophecy and finds a worthy companion.