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William Bradley

Jerry Brown Gets an October Surprise

William Bradley | December 8, 2012 | Politics
Brown's plans to match his big budget cuts with new revenues were already somewhat complicated by heiress Molly Munger's rival income-tax-hike-for-the-schools initiative. But a much bigger threat emerged in dramatic fashion late last week.
Paul Iorio

Elvis Costello Was The Most Exciting Show At Hardly Strictly Bluegrass

Paul Iorio | December 8, 2012 | San Francisco
The main Friday evening kick-off concert at the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass festival in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park belonged to Elvis Costello this year. Performing solo (10/5/12), Costello played a nearly 90-minute set of classics, rarities and covers to close the opening day of the fest. Opening with...
Daniel Ben-Horin

"A New World Arising" - A Participant's Reflections on ReStart Romania

Daniel Ben-Horin | December 8, 2012 | Technology
When we see eye-catching new developments in the online world, we focus on a website or a project, or the immediate political repercussions, but we don't necessarily recognize that social media has reconfigured social relations.
Rick Jacobs

Charlie Munger, Jr. -- Buying Elections with Daddy's Money

Rick Jacobs | December 8, 2012 | Politics
Folks, this is not an election; it's an auction. And if we let the highest bidders win, Californians -- all of us -- will lose.
Tomas Mournian

Read My Lipstick: Liberal, Gay Filmmakers Go Rogue With For Spacious Sky and Change

Tomas Mournian | February 2, 2016 | Queer Voices
Recently, three filmmakers (Coy Middlebrook, Melissa Osborne, and Jeff McCutcheon) picked up their cameras and challenged those monied interests with For Spacious Sky and Change, micro-budget short films that speak to the importance of voting.
Willow Bay

Women to Watch: Stella & Dot Founder Jessica Herrin

Willow Bay | December 8, 2012 | Technology
Jessica Herrin, founder of Stella & Dot, sells jewelry. In fact, she sells lots of it -- $100 million worth last year alone -- by combining personal service with an e-commerce platform and social media. Herrin calls it "social selling."
Michael Brenner

The University at Bay

Michael Brenner | December 8, 2012 | College
What is happening at the university is a microcosm of what is happening in the country generally. That includes the sacrifice of the public for the private and the worship of money as the one true measure of worth.
John Seed

"Insanity": The Story of a Painting (PHOTOS)

John Seed | December 8, 2012 | Arts
Could it be that what I liked in Steve's work -- the pure energy and drive -- wasn't in line with what the art world has wanted in the past few decades?
John Corvino

The Definition of Marriage

John Corvino | February 2, 2016 | Queer Voices
Marriage changes, and so does language. What never seems to change is the right wing's propensity for circular arguments.