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Sandra A. Grossman, Esq.
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Sandra Grossman is the founder and managing partner of Grossman Law, LLC, an immigration law firm operating in Rockville, Maryland. She is an experienced immigration litigator, having successfully represented individuals in all aspects of immigration law before the immigration courts, Board of Immigration Appeals, and the Federal District Courts. Ms. Grossman represents clients in the area of deportation defense, detention and bond issues, the immigration consequences of criminal convictions, requests under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), waivers of inadmissibility, asylum, and adjustment of status and naturalization applications, among other matters. Her experience also includes representation of clients in lawsuits to prompt Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) action on long-delayed applications, including for naturalization, adjustment of status, waiver, and replacement green card applications. She is an adjunct associate professor in immigration law at the Washington College of Law, American University. Ms. Grossman publishes frequently on the topic of immigration law and is a member of the Editorial Board of Bender’s Immigration Bulletin as well as a blog contributor to the Huffington Post. Ms. Grossman graduated from the Georgetown University Law Center (JD). She is a native Spanish and English speaker and is conversant in French.

Entries by Sandra A. Grossman, Esq.

Being Polite Does Not Diminish Security: The Sometimes Shameful Treatment of Valid U.S. Visitors and Residents

(3) Comments | Posted January 9, 2015 | 10:05 AM

The United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is responsible for the complicated and indispensable role of handling the influx of people and goods into the United States. CBP's mandate is incredibly broad: on a typical day, CPB welcomes nearly 1 million visitors, screens more than...

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Jailing Migrant Children Is Immoral and Un-American

(11) Comments | Posted September 26, 2014 | 6:39 PM

As Americans, we cannot accept that our government is jailing child migrants. Last week I headed to Artesia, New Mexico, where I provided pro bono legal services to some of the 600 women and children detained at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC). The facility...

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The U.S. Should Do More to Help Venezuelan Immigrants

(1) Comments | Posted May 5, 2014 | 10:52 AM

The U.S. needs a smarter approach to Venezuelan immigration. Since President Nicolas Maduro took power in a highly questionable election in 2013, inflation and crime have skyrocketed, leading to massive political and civil unrest. More than 40 people died and several hundreds have been arrested in anti-government protests....

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Death of DOMA Revives the American Dream for Same-Sex Couples at Home and Abroad

(3) Comments | Posted June 30, 2013 | 7:01 PM

By Sandra A. Grossman and Rachel Zoghlin

What if you were a talented citizen of Sweden and were recruited to work in the United States for a high-tech software company? If you are in a heterosexual marriage, you could bring your spouse and kids to the...

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Ironic Choice of Asylum for Self-Proclaimed Government Critic

(16) Comments | Posted June 26, 2013 | 6:47 PM

It seems that former NSA contractor and now international fugitive Edward Snowden didn't do his homework on where in the world to apply for asylum. His choice of Ecuador as a safe haven stands in stark contrast to President Rafael Correa's war on the free press and refusal to endure...

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The Venezuelan Presidential Elections: Neither a "Perfect" nor a "Democratic" Battle

(9) Comments | Posted October 10, 2012 | 6:17 PM

Basking in the glow of his recent victory, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez declared that the election had been "the perfect battle, a democratic battle." On Sunday, October 7, 2012, almost 15 million Venezuelans went to the polls to vote for their next president. The candidates:  Mr....

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Reward for the Oppressor -- Injustice for the Oppressed?

(4) Comments | Posted May 10, 2012 | 12:15 PM

How often does a Supreme Court justice admit to doctoring criminal trials and sending innocent people to jail? That's exactly what happened on April 18 when former Venezuelan Justice Eladio Aponte Aponte told a Miami TV Station that he received orders directly from President Chavez to utilize his...

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