04/15/2013 01:05 pm ET Updated Feb 24, 2014

What I Learned in College

In college I double majored in Media Studies and Rhetoric. When the word "rhetoric" is mentioned, somebody inevitably says, "Oh, so you majored in bullshit."

In one of my rhetoric classes I was asked to write a paper on "what rhetoric means to me."

Here is what I wrote:

While decontextualizing the aesthetic logos, the reader is sure to recapitulate the subtexts, revealing its complexities through its seemingly symptomatic series and startling standard simplicities, but avoid disavowing the multiplicity and relativity of the lyrical realities that result in the disequilibrium caused by the fundamental narrative tension, but alternatively it is continuously attempting to achieve a harmonious Utopian society through a musical, poetic, and tragically comic mode, making the diegesis emerge as a disheartening realization of the failed transcendent potential of a disconcerting nation, but pay attention to the critical diegetic moment where the full weight of the conflict is resolved through the juxtaposition of the image and narrative which is substantiated by the descriptive thematic implications that had previously been observed through close reading of the implicit meanings of the thematic thematic thematic thematic thematic rural landscapes which may be accounted for by the oration of the demagogue who worked not to uproot, but to prune the philosophic notion that a world where eternal truth can be obtained exists, but conversely that truth is merely a caricature of the ideologies we perceive as conclusive and conducive to democracy which clashes with the basic notion of doxa tracing the difference between the epistemology and ontology and their relation to language which is illustrated when Socrates engages in the elenchus revealing the partial, trans-personal linguistic mediation conveyed through the defense to engender material effects and that the relationship between persuasion and force is mutually generated.

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