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10 Best Things About Arrested Development Season 4 in Order of Awesomeness

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Since there's been talk about a potential Season 5 of Arrested Development on Netflix, here's a recap of the 10 best things about the highly criticized Season 4 (listed from least to most awesome), and a reminder of what we can look forward to should producers decide to move forward with another season.

10. The return of Carl Weathers


Photo by Sam Urdank for Netflix

9. George Michel picking up girls on a seguey


Photo by Sam Urdank for Netflix

8. Gob and George Michael pretending to be boyfriends at the Gothic "Castle"


Photo by Adam Taylor for Netflix

8. Lindsay running off with a meth head


Photo by Sam Urdank for Netflix

7. Awkward make-out sessions involving College George Michel


Photo by Adam Taylor for Netfilx

5. The Funkes attempting to cook a live goose they found on Thanksgiving
Photo by Adam Taylor for Netflix

4. Buster's giant bionic hand


Photo by Jordin Althaus for Netflix

3. Kristen Wiig as a young Lucille Bluth


Photo by Mike Yarish for Netflix

2. George Michel's manboy 'stache


Photo by Sam Urdank for Netflix

1. Lucille in prison


Photo by Adam Taylor for Netflix

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