11/10/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Sigg Says Sorry, Patagonia Dumps Sigg

The anti-BPA movement, of which I'm a proud member, has received much deserved fanfare in the past week after Sigg, the metal water bottle company, disclosed that its pre-August 2008 bottles were lined with BPA, a known endocrine disruptor. As I've written about before, I, like thousands of other consumers purchased Sigg bottles as an alternative to plastic water bottles which are toxic to humans and our planet. However, unknowing consumers like me were really alarmed and disappointed to find out that Sigg bottles were lined with BPA despite previously denials.

It's nice to read now that the company's CEO, Steve Wasik, has admitted it was wrong of Sigg to not inform customers of the contents of their products, especially when they are toxic. After contacting the company last week to return my bottle, I received a form letter which reminded me (as has Steve Wasik) that I should "please know that your SIGG bottles are proven non-leaching, this means they do not leach anything [including BPA] into the beverages that have been poured into them. Extensive independent testing shows this and are located here for your discernment." Sigg is missing the point. BPA is a known endocrine-disruptor and it's not for the company to decide whether or not consumers believe their product is safe (I never would have purchased the bottle had I known it had BPA). I know they're trying to do damage control, rather than digging a deeper hole they should just stop with a simple apology.

Patagonia seems to have had enough of this unfaithful relationship with Sigg and is cutting ties. In a statement, the company announced, "Patagonia formally announces today a termination of all co-branding and co-marketing efforts with SIGG, Inc. . . . despite earlier assurances from Sigg that the liners of their bottles did not contain BPA. Bisphenol A is a chemical that Patagonia does not support the use of in consumer products, hence the company has terminated its co-branding relationship with SIGG. In addition, Patagonia is ceasing the sale of SIGG bottles in its stores, as well as through its catalog and on-line distribution."

There are great alternatives to Sigg such as 100% stainless steel Kleen Kanteen. If you would like to exchange your Sigg bottle for a safe one, contact them at The anti-BPA movement is spreading nationwide. Chicago has already banned the toxin and legislation is currently pending in California. Some other companies like Coca-Cola and Del Monte thought they could stem the anti-BPA tide and market the toxin in a positive light but their secret plans were exposed. You can join the anti-BPA campaign to stay abreast of this important issue and learn how to avoid harmful plastics in your life through the Environmental Working Group.

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