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Sarah Terry-Cobo
Sarah Terry-Cobo is a freelance reporter, specializing in science and environmental policy issues. She has previously worked as a reporter and research assistant for the Center for Investigative Reporting on their award-winning Carbon Watch series. There she dug deep into carbon markets, forest conservation projects and climate change legislation. She freelances for California Watch's news blog The Daily Report, KQED's Climate Watch series, and the journal Race, Poverty and the Environment. Previously she has worked at, and the Oakland Tribune.

Blog Entries by Sarah Terry-Cobo

US Gas Is Artificially Cheap: What We Don't Pay For at the Pump

Posted June 16, 2011 | 19:51:21 (EST)

California has some of the dirtiest air in the nation. Consequently, it has some of the strictest rules for gasoline, meaning it burns cleaner than it does in many other states. But cleaner fuels are more expensive.

Clean air requirements, combined with supply and refining constraints, make the price of...

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