12/05/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Have a Transformative Election Day

My friend Rachel Bagby sent me a link to Vote Kindly. I love their goal:

"Join us in preparing now to be a kind presence at your local polling places on Nov. 4 by practicing ways to transform potential turbulence -- prompted by record-breaking voter turn-out at the polls and a sharply contested election -- into harmonious interactions, no matter which candidates you're voting for.

These people are not naive about possible voter suppression activities. But they are calling on voters to stand up to these methods -- with clarity and kindness.

And they are going one step further. We are walking together through an historic threshold that could help bring our nation -- battered by racial, class, and other divides -- the healing we so desperately need.

Rachel Bagby's message is about that. Her beautiful song, which accompanies this video, calls on us to use every encounter today on election day to promote healing and transformation.

Here are some ways to Vote Kindly, from The Vote Kindly website:

• Make voting an adventure -- you're helping to decide the future.

• Take adventure gear to prep for possible long lines: water, food, camp chair, layers.

• Practice with friends to be calm in the face of passionate differences.

• Bring lyrics and sing inspiring, non-partisan songs to lift everyone's spirits at the polls.

• Ask friends to see if they need help getting to the polls.

• Go early to vote -- allow plenty of extra time so you don't have to leave before voting.

• Tell your friends and family about election protection resources.

• Send your suggestions to where you can leave a comment on the blog or reply to our video challenge on YouTube.

There are many more on the site. Check it out, and vote kindly!