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How to Vote

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Make sure you have your correct polling place picked out. It's probably at a scary public school or creepy nursing home or a haunted Victorian insane asylum. Don't worry, the ghosts won't get you probably. Drink lots of beer to keep hydrated and warm in case you have to wait in line. If you have to go to the bathroom, peeing yourself is an option because that will keep you warm as well (until it doesn't and you're wet and cold). Be sure to get nice and drunk off the beer so when you enter the booth you think that it would be really hilarious to vote for the other candidate because it will make a funny story later. At the last minute decide that this is stupid, but then because you are so drunk don't see the candidate's names correctly and accidentally vote for the Green Party candidate. Realize your mistake and bang on the booth so hard that it falls onto the next booth, creating a domino effect, destroying booths and squashing the voters inside. Coordinate it so the last voting booth lands on the power grid of the scary school/creepy nursing home/haunted insane asylum so all the lights go out in your town. It would be cool if you could get a wide shot of that like when the power goes out in Ghostbusters 2. Then huddle in fear and in the dark and wait for the degenerates/old people/Victorian ghosts to swarm around you. Then, and only then, will your patriotic duty be complete. Alright, America! Get out and vote!