Other Things Punxsutawney Phil Can Predict

04/04/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Sure, Punxsutawney Phil can predict the weather with a mind-blowing 39 percent accuracy rate, which, in human accuracy rates, is 273 percent. But did you know he can predict other things as well, just as accurately?

He can predict:

The number of presents you'll receive for Candlemas

Who will win the Superbowl

When you will die

The ending of Lost

The number of jellybeans in the jar

New clothing trends

What you will eat for dinner

If you're pregnant

So next time you're tempted to go to a sacred bear or a badger or some big city doctor for your predictions, remember the groundhog. You won't regret it, 39 percent of the time.