Israel Today: Necessary Medicine for Survival

02/08/2009 03:04 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The clearheaded know that Israel could not take it any more; her citizens were in constant danger; the eight years of relentless rocket attacks from Gaza on their southern towns was beyond intolerable. But world opinion does not easily tolerate a former David who has been successfully (though unfairly) branded a Goliath.

To not go bonkers when studying world events, to not pull your hair out following day to day news, and its consistently distorted interpretations, it is essential to look at unfolding history through a psychological prism. With this understanding, when you read of a Hamas "victory" rally, with 5 thousand cheering, their territory in ruins, with suffering, death, hunger, thirst so thick you can smell and taste it thousands of miles can still breathe. With this understanding, when you read of a Bishop who is not expelled (or whatever happens to Bishops who disgrace their Church and all of humankind) for denying the Holocaust, and that he has "regrets" but offers no apologies either to his Church or to do not vomit.

Understanding this psychological prism is also vital to understanding all potential powers of the enemy and deciding what military approach is necessary in each unique circumstance. In the case of Israel at this period a stated humanitarian motivation toward the Palestinians is necessary.

I have grown to understand that everything one is capable of begins in the first hours of life, and depends on the safety, security and trust developed during the formative years of childhood. I have learned that even the educated and economically privileged who do not get adequate love, safety, and kindness as children, can grow up to be completely and dangerously out of their minds. The deprived as well as depraved can develop their own brand of charisma and lead the vulnerable on their mad, blinded paths. Sometimes they know they lie; and sometimes they grow to believe their lies; and sometimes they have no clue that they live in fantasy. And such is true in worlds both personal and political.

There are undisputed, documented truths about the creation of Israel that the deprived and the depraved have done all they could to rewrite. As Hitler's power grew, free countries all over the world, including the US, severely restricted Jewish entry. Following the horrors of World War II Displaced Persons camps were established, where Jews waited to be allowed to enter countries like the US and what was then the British mandate of Palestine. To finally end the horrific treatment of survivors and to protect Jews from future anti-Semitism, in 1947 the United Nations Special Commission on Palestine (UNSCOP) recommended that Palestine be divided into two states, an Arab state and a Jewish state. The plan was adopted, largely due to the support of Harry Truman. And from that day to this the liars and distorters have been at work....

However, through the years had Israel used psychological intelligence, the force of the liars would have been severely impaired. During these past eight years of rocket fire from Gaza, citizens of the world could have been involved in an Israeli plan to build and implement resources in Gaza and make life sane for those whose people have denied them the basic necessities of life and used them as pawns. It should have been stressed again and again that that Jews and Arabs are half brothers and sisters, and that Israel would provide for family who has suffered enough. Hamas would not have been shamed, for they lack all humility; and this too would have been in Israel's favor. World opinion, growing favorably for Israel's plight and humanitarian determination, could well have forced UN involvement.

Israel cannot live in isolation, and it is abundantly clear that the world community cannot tolerate a Jewish homeland that is successfully (though unjustly) branded as immoral. This awareness is a bitter and unfair pill; it is also a humanitarian one; and it is medicine necessary for survival.