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Sari Gabbay
I love all things beautifully functional and I never live in just one roll. My 13 years of leading creative teams has allowed me to thrive as a business owner, brand and marketing strategist, art director and producer. My love for design started while studying Fashion Marketing at Ryerson University. As a student I took on an internship at Canada’s top fashion magazine - Flare, where I was hands-on in; digital production, copy writing and styling photo-shoots. I worked closely with the various departments, learning the ins and outs of print media and fashion communications.

Being the CEO and CCO of U2R1 Media Inc. a boutique marketing agency, I have created brand strategies and marketing campaigns for many companies ranging in size. From start-ups to major corporations. I love telling a story, seeing that story translate into visuals and watching how that story evokes emotion.

I've worked with some really incredible people and companies. I understand people, what makes them think and feel. Marketing is about emotion. If a person has empathy for their audience they will know how to captivate them.

Remember when Old Spice was your grandfather's cologne? I helped launch their re-brand to a new, younger audience. We created a nation-wide campaign with life-sized, deodorant kiosks equipped with data compiling software.

In 2012 I moved from Toronto to Los Angeles expanding the company into a global entity which has allowed me to launch my client's brands into national and international markets.

Our current focus is on lifestyle, hospitality and product based brands who are looking for someone who can creatively "bring it" and deliver results.

Entries by Sari Gabbay

OakHeart Country Music Festival's 5th year Is Dedicated to Helping Save the Lives of Warriors and Helping Those in Need

(0) Comments | Posted May 12, 2016 | 12:00 PM


12,000+ attendees, 1,000 volunteers, over 40 National and local acts, and countless causes have made OakHeart Country Music Festival what it is today. And heading into its 5th year, OakHeart is striving for more. On June 4th they'll continue their...

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The World is Powered By Creators

(0) Comments | Posted April 6, 2016 | 3:27 PM

As the digital age continues to evolve the face of marketing is undergoing massive change as well.  The term "Digital Influencer" is no longer a foreign concept and brands are swiftly jumping on the bandwagon to align with creators who have millions of social followers, ready to buy what they are selling.

The statistics reflect this, too: A social media influencer's endorsement drives engagement and customer response, better than traditional paid routes such as print or search engine optimization. Shoes of Prey for instance reported a permanent 300% uplift in sales when 16-year-old Vlogger Blair Fowler published a video announcing a contest where the viewer could win a custom-made pair of shoes.

92% of consumers trust recommendations from others, even people they don't know, over branded content. Brands agree, and are jumping on this trend in their marketing efforts: In a recent report by Tomson, 84% of marketing professionals worldwide have plans to start influencer marketing in 2016.

Crave, a tech startup from Tel Aviv, is pioneering technology to capitalize on this industry, by focusing their business model on tapping into this market. Crave - Powered by Creators, builds branded apps for digital influencers, creating a revenue structure for them to cash in on their status.

Crave combined forces with country singer and songwriter Annie Bosko who partnered with Crave to be the face of the brand on launch. Influencer marketing is leading now in marketing strategies for companies who want to be at the forefront of Millennial buying power.

It's important for brands to really understand their audience and choose the right Influencers that not only have a strong fan base but also represents their brand appropriately. Companies like Crave are providing a platform that will allow marketers and Influencers alike to join forces and capitalize on the benefits of having millions of excited followers, ready, willing and eager.

Many companies are still apprehensive to jump on board with Influencer marketing, but that apprehension may just leave them falling short when it comes to maximizing their brand visibility and ROI. There are many major benefits when it comes to partnering with relevant Digital Influencers. Firstly, it models the modern way of word-of-mouth marketing.

Everyone knows that word-of-mouth referrals are one of the strongest ways to gain brand loyalty and new customers. Having a person vouch for your product that isn't tied to your company is a sure fire way to gain additional supporters. In addition to that Digital Influencers have a way with making whatever they do look and feel sexy and fun. They will always be "on brand" and represent your product with their own flare attached, the same vibe that their fans love and gravitate towards.

Right now partnering with a Digital Influencer is more cost effective than traditional digital ads, and it's a native way to engage an attentive audience without trying to compete with a ton of other advertisers out there vying for the same spot on Google or Facebook.

According to MDG Advertising, a full-service advertising agency, 70 percent of internet users want to learn about a product through content rather than through traditional advertising. Another study by Dedicated Media found that purchase intent is 53 percent higher for native ads.
The way people want to learn about new products is changing. They want to be educated and impressed rather than have to constantly be pitched to through commercials and billboards. It's a new era and brands need to jump on board to stay relevant.

Companies like Crave are well on their way to disrupting the status quo. They recognize the power digital creators hold when it comes to marketing for brands and businesses. By partnering with them and giving them the tools to enhance their business, they are providing increased solutions for Influencers and Advertisers to succeed in the digital space.

Sari Gabbay - CEO, U2R1 Media, A Creative Agency.

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The Roars of Cannons Wont Stop the Explosions of Creativity

(0) Comments | Posted April 5, 2016 | 1:17 AM


If you are reading this and planning on commenting in a negative, political way, walk away. It won't further your cause and this article is not meant to focus on politics and you will not get a response. If you are here in...

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Virtual Reality Is Set To Transform The Travel Industry

(1) Comments | Posted March 29, 2016 | 11:09 AM


VR, or "virtual reality," is the new buzzword in technology and the travel industry may just be one of the first to bring this phenomenon into mainstream marketing. Who wouldn't want a "real life" experience in the Amazon before committing to a $10K-plus investment? As virtual reality...

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How This Brand Made You Feel You Needed Something You Already Have

(8) Comments | Posted September 3, 2014 | 12:23 PM


You have to love a good brand story: You know the one where a simple guy creates a brand and overnight he's a multimillionaire?  Well, at least that's how we outsiders saw it. In 2011, Mark Levine and Michael Dubin created the...

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Lay Down Your Crown: How to Find Humility in Leadership

(0) Comments | Posted August 26, 2014 | 2:10 PM


Why do we become entrepreneurs? Is it because we know that when we work for ourselves we have the ability to make as much money as we want? Is it because we are leaders and we want to be our own boss? Is...

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Journey to the Other Side

(0) Comments | Posted January 2, 2014 | 5:09 PM


After a grueling 20 hours of travel and two days of no sleep, most of which was spent in an oversized sardine can high in the sky, finally I arrived. Coming from -15 degrees Celsius to a +30 degrees tropical climate,...

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The Hard Truth About Being Addicted to Social Media

(0) Comments | Posted December 19, 2013 | 1:14 PM

I moved to LA for many reasons, one of them being that I wanted to have a more enriched and fulfilling life. My excuse for being addicted to television and internet in Toronto was because of the weather. That during the summer my "addiction" was limited because I could actually...

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You are not your target audience

(0) Comments | Posted July 10, 2013 | 3:36 PM

If there is one thing you can learn about marketing, it's that just because you create a service or product, and it came from your vision this does not mean that you are your target audience.

Knowing who you are marketing to is CRUCIAL to your business's success. What you...

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Five Strategies to Spring Clean Your Business

(0) Comments | Posted April 30, 2013 | 12:00 PM

Many businesses face transitions, and sometimes it is hard to embody change. But as with everything else in life, change happens constantly, and when we embrace it we end up realizing that it is likely for the better. Employees come and go. People we have learned to trust eventually move...

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5 Reasons Video is Essential to Your Bottom Line

(0) Comments | Posted March 8, 2013 | 8:41 AM

Having a video these days is key to expanding your brand and increasing client retention.  Just think of what you prefer when you land on a site -- how many videos do you watch that have been shared by your friends.  What videos have you seen go viral in the past that have really left a strong impression? And when you land on a website and want to learn more about a service, what would you prefer to do, watch a 1 minute video or read pages of copy?  In an August 2010 report from comScore, online retail shoppers who watch video spend about two minutes more on that site and are 64% more likely to buy compared to others.

To boost your bottom line and drive growth, here are the 5 reasons video is essential:

  • Engage - Let's face it, we have about 10 seconds to get someone's attention on our website before they get bored and leave.  You may think that having a lot of relevant content is going to pump your search engine rankings on Google, but if it's a snore fest, you're headed straight towards irrelevant and fast.  Video will at least peak curiosity on the chance that you may have something interesting to share.  The likelihood a visitor will click that play button is much higher than the likelihood they will read an entire page of text.

  • Entertain - Of course once they do click that button you better have them captivated! Emotionally connecting with your audience is the key to instilling your brand and leaving an impact.  An entertaining video will prompt further action; you have engaged your audience and they will feel connected with you on an emotional level.  That is the KEY to converting a lead into a client.

  • Explain - Depending on what your business objectives are, explaining what your company does through video is highly advisable.  If you can't hire actors or have a tight budget then it's a good idea to use an illustration based video that tells a story.  People love watching those informative, hand drawn, common craft videos that make things seem so simple, which is key to getting your point across.  When the viewer understands it in a way that resonates with them, you are one step closer to transforming that person into a client.

  • Evolve - Portraying your brand and company as a current and relevant player in your industry will help you stand out from your competitors and show your target audience that you get it!  When you create engaging content, you are telling your audience that you care about connecting with them especially when you provide entertainment and/or resources they appreciate.  Always believe that your audience wants to work with you or buy your product, and if that is the case why you not give it your all to convince them that they should?  If you look like a company who understands what your target audience needs and conveys the message in a way that is compelling to them, they will see you as a leader in your industry and immediately you start to build brand loyalty.

  • Expand - When you have succeeded in emotionally connecting with your audience, engaging them on a personal level and showing them that you understand their needs by entertaining them and valuing their time, they will share.  All of a sudden you have your audience marketing for you.  That's when you know you've hit the nail on the head.  That's when you see the bottom line starting to increase and your clients engaging with your brand in ways that you have always hoped!  If your video is super creative and engaging you may just go viral!

Give the people something to share! People enjoy sharing fun, hilarious, and emotionally engaging content and it's one of the best ways to increase your brand's reach. Having multiple promotional videos can help increase your online and social media presence and ensure that you stay ahead of your competition.

Facebook -

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Is There a Wrong Way to MANIFEST?

(0) Comments | Posted February 22, 2013 | 5:10 PM

Visualize what you want and you will get it. How many times has this happened to you? And how many times has it not happened? You wonder why it doesn't work, you close your eyes and focus until you are cross-eyed and yet the outcome is still not what you...

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The Secret Behind Failed Relationships

(6) Comments | Posted February 5, 2013 | 5:23 PM

Whether you are a boy meeting a girl, two people entering a business relationship, long-time friends or just communicating on Facebook, it happens, time after time, and it's the ultimate destruction of all relationships.

Our biggest problem is that we think other people's realities are equivalent to our own. When...

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10 Easy Marketing Tips for Increased Brand Visibility

(2) Comments | Posted January 30, 2013 | 3:23 PM

Marketing your business can seem like a daunting task, and sometimes we just need a little guidance to set things in motion. Here are some tips that you can easily implement into your monthly routine to ensure that your brand is communicating properly with your target audience. Follow these steps...

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Six Things You Need to Know When Starting a Business

(4) Comments | Posted January 25, 2013 | 4:12 PM

Over the past 10 years I've owned and managed a brand and marketing company called U2R1. During this time, many people have come to me with ideas and dreams; they want to be entrepreneurs, they want to be successful and they want to shine in the spotlight. I always get...

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