Campaign Journal: Inside The Boulder Beltway

05/25/2011 12:50 pm ET

Sari Levy is an OffTheBus grassroots correspondent. Each week she contributes a campaign journal documenting her life out on the trail.

You will absolutely have to peel me off the ceiling with a rake if one more person campaigning for Obama calls my cell phone or knocks on my door.

I'm a registered independent and the only reason I gave up my right to vote in the primaries is that I thought that by being an "independent" I would shield myself from phone banks of well-meaning college kids, bored stay-at-home moms, and baby boomers having acid-flashbacks of their hippy days.

I should identify myself politically: I'm as independent as a blind 3-year-old and would (probably) never vote for the GOP. I also like Obama.

I hope I'm right about my political ideology because I'm clearly wrong about my invisibility from canvassers. The whole campaigning thing has become a running joke between my friends. We live in Boulder, where 19 out of 20 cars have Obama stickers (non-scientific poll); and 99 of every 100 people in town have or will be voting (also a non-scientific poll). And yet, you've never seen a get out the vote effort like the one being mounted here in the mountain biking-telemark skiing-organic produce- capital of the world. Dems are calling and visiting each other so often you'd think Susan Sarandon was coming to town with a truckload of free pot.

The embarrassing thing is this: Boulder is a stone's throw from a series of politically mixed hamlets like Broomfield, Westminster, Louisville, Longmont, Superior, Erie, etc. I have not researched the demographics of these places, but when I drive through to play golf or go to a mall, I will tell you that I see American flags and McCain/Palin posters everywhere. We are also an hour or two from a slew of truly conservative towns or neighborhoods. We Boulderites could be there knocking on doors and accosting people with clipboards in these places. I myself was asked by a Denver friend to join her one Saturday morning in Denver, outside a coffee shop, at 7am to collect registrations. 7am? I laughed.

The problem is, we cannot bring ourselves to leave Boulder. Sorry Obama. If you lose Colorado, it will probably be the fault of (what must be) the most liberal county in America.

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