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Saskia Miller
Saskia Miller is a communications strategist, journalist, commercial actress, and co-founder of global story-sharing venture PenTales.

After studying at NYU, she completed her Master’s in Cross-Cultural Communications at the Free University of Berlin, working on entrepreneurial projects between the US and Germany for several years. With a passion for exploring different communities and cultures, Saskia tries to hear from as many people as she can. She lives in the exciting city of New York.

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Blog Entries by Saskia Miller

My Grandmother Just Emailed Me From Her iPad 2! An Inter-Generational Tutorial

Posted April 22, 2011 | 13:05:30 (EST)

I never thought my 89 year old grandmother would teach me something about technology. Then again, her tenacity has never failed to astound me.

It all began with the iPad 2 my family recently gave my grandmother (or Oma, in German) for her birthday. It was a surprise present:...

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