Does Senator Scott Brown Know How Truly Blessed He Is

04/20/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • Saul Segan Crim Trial Atty-Broadcast Legal Analyst, Motivatonal Speaker, reiki master practitioner, certified mediator

He made history. He shocked a state and a nation. He gave the people of the United States cause for hope. The painful pinnacles of frustration were eased. He awakened the consciences of many who thought their agenda was unstoppable, both in his state and in the United States. He is now blessed with an opportunity to shape history and to force those who lead us to look deep inside themselves and take deep breaths.

Come to think of it, do any of the members of our Congress realize how blessed each of them is? Do they ever stop to think that they have been entrusted with the welfare and the care of those whom they were elected to serve?

It is a terrible shame to see the govermental carnage and chaos that have befallen America. A country to whom many other nations and peoples look for guidance and example. There is lacking in many a legislative soul a deep sense of purpose and a questioning of motives. The addicition of power replaces compassion and a cruel game is allowed to proceed without regulation.

It came as a surprise to many that Senitor Evan Bayh wented no more pa~ts of his long eembership in the Senate. He simply just didn't like Congress any more. I can;t say that I blame him. There hasn't been much to like. And perhaps, the 2010 Congressional elections will reveal just hos much antipathy the American pekple feel toward the status quo.!0D

What#concerns me greitly is that in en effort to make a statement, the American people may simply express their ire by randomly replacing one party's membership with another. Ajd then, hopefully, the newccmers will resist the temptation'to feel that thay have Carte Blenche to assert pheir own preferances because of the disdain for their predecessors. No more should Democrats blame everything on that species known as Republican, nor should the GOP unleash scapegoat-like invective upon the Democrats.

Again, each individual legislator should consult their souls and their respective Higher Power for guidance, and then listen and meditate in order to glean some answer, and pray for the wisdom to discern between the two.

We desperately need more of this type of introspection in government, and everywhere else as well. Corporate America and Wall Street should also approach this type of thinking and maybe go against the treadmill of convention that surrounds their environment. When you give, you receive. And another practice that should be minimized is the quest for credit. There can be very worthwhile acknowledgment for those who try to mediate and reach out. To be Bipartisan and to promote harmony earns accolades as well. There does not always have to be Polarity.

So I ask again, does Scott Brown realize how blessed he is with the opportunities that have been laid before him? He may have come along in the nick of time. Hopefully, he does, and many others will follow suit.

"God bless America! Stand beside us and guide us! " Oh, how I love that song and how we need it now!

by Saul Segan