07/12/2011 06:04 pm ET | Updated Sep 11, 2011

A Couple of Weeks Post-Opening!

Well, for the small off-Broadway show that couldn't, we are certainly getting mileage and fans out of our fruits of labor! And by "we" I mean our writer, cast, crew and theater management, all of whom have been so sweet and committed to this fascinating process. Last week, Al Pacino, Norman Lear and Barbara Feldon not only came to see our show but visited us backstage, as well. I have had my share of running into stars, and I've always handled it well, because I recognize that most of the time, they are just as nervous as you and I are. The only star I really became stupid about, to the point of literally stammering when I met him, was Gregory Peck. Oh my God, all I kept thinking was, "Here I am with Atticus and that sexy bad man from 'Duel in the Sun,' wow." But he was such a gentleman, and kind of funny, too. He put me at ease, as most wonderful, real stars do, and as Al, Norman and Barbara did with the cast. They were so generous, kind and complimentary -- and very encouraging!

We've had your regular theater-loving folks come, as well! They wait till after the show is over just to tell you how much they loved it, like Ms. Sharif, who has come twice, or the lovely Panamanian woman who related so much to the Latino element in the show.

This week, I just keep thinking how lucky I am to be doing my craft, getting paid and loving every minute. I haven't always. Maybe I'm finally growing up. Actors have a difficult time with this, I think.

I recently got news that a very dear friend of mine lost their sight almost overnight. This is a very talented and gifted person, so kind and loving, a true artist. This unforeseen occurrence has put life into perspective for me again as a few other events have over the years, such as my father's death and seeing 9/11 unfold directly before my eyes on that horrific day.

I'm thinking and feeling, "Wow, how lucky and grateful I am to be doing my craft, getting paid for it and having a job that is within 10 minutes of the best neighborhood in the West Village in New York City!" (Well, I think so, anyway.)

By the way, Cindy Adams of The New York Post mentioned us in her column this past week. I almost forgot that one. Because we don't have a matinee on Wednesday, I will be seeing one of the last performances of "Mother F@&%er with the Hat" this week. I can't wait. I'm in love with theater again.

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