09/12/2011 03:10 pm ET | Updated Nov 12, 2011

Reflections of Events, and September 11th

I have only written about my "Manipulation" experience up until now, but the run is over, and I have to move on to other experiences and journeys. So far, life has been very interesting post-show. I had a most wonderful holiday, and then returned home to chaos. The yin and the yang! On the day and hour I was preparing to embark on my holiday, my husband and I actually felt the 5.8 earthquake that shook NYC, particularly lower Manhattan. We felt it in our little sweet old building in the West Village. For a few minutes, I thought of not leaving, for fear of more aftershocks or goodness knows what, but my husband assured me that I should go after the 20 seconds of trembling and swaying subsided. It was the first Earthquake I have ever felt. On a side note, in the play "Manipulation," I use to say a line to my daughter to try and stop her from proceeding with a reckless act. My character, being a bit of a clairvoyant, says, "Remember how I told you there was going to be and earthquake?" "You laughed, shook your head, such contempt, but I guess you had to believe me when we all felt it together, no?" Strange coincidence, No?

I was going to take the subway to JFK, but changed my mind and took a taxi. My driver was freaked out over the Earthquake because he had just moved into a high rise in Queens, and after dropping me off at the airport, he was going to rush home to see his family and hug them. He had felt earthquakes back in his country in past, and described to me how frightening and traumatic they are.

I go and have the best Holiday ever! I get back to find my husband in a most stressful situation with flooding in our little home upstate NY, due to Hurricane Irene. He's a musician, currently performing on Broadway in "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert", and had to take off the entire week to to deal with the chaos. He had warned me while I was abroad, but I blanked it out so that I could enjoy the remainder of my magical trip. The last time I was abroad on holiday and a Hurricane wreaked havoc on a larger scale, was when "Andrew" flattened half of my poor parent's home in Homestead, Florida.

I get back, lots of cleaning and repair. More rain from Tropical Storm Lee! More property damage. I rush to purchase DampRids, and they are all sold out wherever I go. I receive phone calls from friends with homes upstate and hear about their damage and loss from "Irene" and "Lee." Basements flooded, furnaces ruined, home appliances floating away, fallen trees in pools full of mud and debris...

All in all, from all the stories of loss and stress over the storms, we escaped fairly unscathed.
My husband and I actually feel lucky. I always say, nothing could be as sad & horrific as the day my husband woke me in a panic 10 years ago and told me to come up to our rooftop and witness something beyond explanation. That was 9-11.

Still half asleep at 9 am, I am watching flames and debris falling from the first plane crash in one of the World Trade Ctr. towers. We live about 20 blocks from the trade center and had a perfect view of them. Our mouths are wide open. We both realize that there are people in those towers. Can they escape? Where are the planes that release water? Is there such a thing? Should we go to Saint Vincents Hospital to help knowing there would be the need? We hear the roar of Fire Engines and alarms rushing downtown. I'm thinking, those firemen are going to have to go up those stairs to save all those people! How? And while all these thoughts are going through my mind, because we are completely spellbound and speechless, the second ominous dark plane comes across the Hudson River from Jersey. Is this the plane with water in it to take out the flames?

But the plane is flying very low and very fast. As my husband and I hold each other, the plane disappears behind the 2nd tower, and we see and hear the crash, as well as a collective cry from what seems like every person on the streets of lower Manhattan.

This is the point when I am finally able to utter some words, "OMG, we are at war." "We are being attacked."

The rest is history, as the 10th anniversary of this horrific event that changed so many lives, is here. I will never forget, and yet I know there are horrific events happening as we speak worldwide. I feel blessed to have only witnessed this one. Some storms can be weathered, nothing that cannot be repaired, replaced or renewed.