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Allen Frances


Public Relations Fictions Trying to Hide DSM-5 Facts

Allen Frances | Posted October 31, 2012

DSM-5 is in such public trouble now because it heedlessly missed every prior private opportunity to self-correct. The solution is not the production of more PR pablum. Instead, DSM-5 needs to regroup, solve its problems, and avoid racing over a cliff.
James A. Shapiro


Cells Executing Sophisticated Search Strategies (and How Our Physicist Friends Helped Us Learn About It)

James A. Shapiro | Posted July 31, 2012

In studying and analyzing the computational feats of living organisms, we will learn how networks that are far more sophisticated than our own operate to solve problems.
Andrea J. Liu


Our Predatory T Cells

Andrea J. Liu | Posted July 31, 2012

Can we help T cells, or hinder pathogens or cancer cells, by fiddling with their random walk statistics? With so much that remains to be understood, one thing is clear -- it will take the combined efforts of scientists to answer these questions.
Anna Leahy


Endeavour Slideshow: On the First Anniversary of Its Last Flight (PHOTOS)

Anna Leahy | Posted July 31, 2012

Peter McGraw and Joel Warner


Should Science Crack the Humor Code?

Peter McGraw and Joel Warner | Posted July 31, 2012

Comedy works, so why bother poking around under its hood? Maybe it's time to move on to other, more serious subjects. Or maybe not.
James H. Scully, Jr., M.D.


DSM-5 Inaccuracies: Setting the Record Straight

James H. Scully, Jr., M.D. | Posted July 31, 2012

In a recent piece on The Huffington Post, Allen Frances, M.D., demonstrates either an embarrassing lack of knowledge and understanding of financial reporting or an intentional misrepresentation of facts in his continuing effort to attack the forthcoming DSM-5.
Wray Herbert


God's Flipside: Religion Without Kindness

Wray Herbert | Posted July 31, 2012

It's one of the paradoxes of human history that religious faith, the wellspring of morality and universal love, is also the source of so much cruelty and injustice, including cold-blooded murder.
Harry Boyte


Civic Science -- Beyond the Knowledge Wars

Harry Boyte | Posted July 31, 2012

Civic science builds on a rich history of efforts to translate scientific findings to real world settings, full of complexity, ambiguity, and open-endedness, where science cannot be "applied" in any linear or straightforward way.
Kyle Jarrard


160 Billion Exoplanets and Counting

Kyle Jarrard | Posted July 31, 2012

News like this -- that the galaxy is bristling with potential broadcast platforms -- will only embolden these go-go pioneers. Hand them 160 billion planets and what will they say? What they've been saying all along: They just have to be out there -- meaning them.
Richard Garriott de Cayeux


Astronauts: American Heroes or Modern-day Meddlers?

Richard Garriott de Cayeux | Posted July 31, 2012

They share the goal to see the expansion of exploration but must acknowledge the new economic and political realities we face. Resistance will not help usher in the sustainable future they desire!
Mark Anderson


The Roaringest Eclipse

Mark Anderson | Posted July 31, 2012

On June 5, Venus will pass in front of the sun in the same rare transit that sent men like Chappe, Hell and Cook racing to the ends of the earth and facing off against some of the gravest perils of a candlelit age.
Phil Donahue


One of Nature's Most Fascinating Dramas

Phil Donahue | Posted July 31, 2012

My brain caught fire the moment I first saw a Purple Martin, fluttering like a humming bird, diving like an osprey and performing eye-popping aerial maneuvers beyond the imagination of the world's best ballet dancers. What in the world are they doing up there?