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A Non-Allergic Peanut Becomes Closer To Reality

Reuters | Reuters | August 27, 2014 | Healthy Living
By Ros Krasny WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A new method for removing allergens from peanuts means help could soon be on the way for the roughly 2.8 million Americans with a potentially life-threatening allergy to the popular food, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said on Tuesday. In a blog post,...

Not All Michiganders Want To Be A Dumping Ground For America's Radioactive Fracking Waste

Kate Abbey-Lambertz | August 26, 2014 | Green
Michigan will take a look at its radioactive waste disposal standards after criticism grew over an out-of-state company dumping fracking byproducts in a landfill near Detroit. On Monday, Mich. Gov. Rick Snyder (R) ordered the Department of Environmental Quality to assemble a panel to review standards for disposal...

Virtual Reality Could Help Teach Sustainable Habits, Change Long Term Behavior

Mother Nature Network | Katherine Boehrer | August 26, 2014 | Green
This story originally appeared on Mother Nature Network. The New Forest National Park in England recently opened a Tech Creche, a service that allows children and adults to leave their cellphones and tablets behind, and instead immerse themselves in the...

Scans Of 'Taung Child' Skull Show Human Ancestor's Brain Didn't Grow Like Our Own

LiveScience | Jacqueline Howard | August 26, 2014 | Science
The skull of an ancient human ancestor fails to show evidence of the type of brain expansion typically seen in modern human infants, according to a new study. The "Taung child" fossil is known as the first and best example of early brain evolution in hominins,...

The Book We're Talking About: The Southern Reach Trilogy By Jeff VanderMeer

Maddie Crum | August 26, 2014 | Books
The third in a sci-fi thrilling trilogy

What Hangovers Have To Do With Your Genes

Amanda L. Chan | August 26, 2014 | Healthy Living
By Jillian Rose Lim, Staff Writer Published: 08/26/2014 12:03 PM EDT on LiveScience Some people get hangovers after a night of drinking, while others don't, and the reason may be in their genes, a new study of twins in Australia suggests. Researchers looked for links between...

New 'Interstellar' Teaser Has Michael Caine Reciting Poetry

The Huffington Post | Matthew Jacobs | August 26, 2014 | Entertainment
Each new trailer for "Interstellar" comes with new clues about Christopher Nolan's space epic and fresh Matthew McConaughey musings about how to be a good parent. This time, we get more space footage and Michael Caine reciting Dylan Thomas. See you all on Nov. 7.

Fewer Pain Pill Overdoses In States With Legal Medical Marijuana

Matt Ferner | August 26, 2014 | Healthy Living
States that have legalized marijuana for medical use have lower rates of prescription painkiller overdose deaths than states that have not, new research suggests. In a study published Monday in the latest issue of JAMA Internal Medicine, researchers found that although overdose deaths from opioid painkillers -- like...

Cute Kids Try Not To Let Pterosaur Names 'Ptrip' Them Up

The Huffington Post | Ron Dicker | August 26, 2014 | Science
Who needs "she sells sea shells" when you have pterosaur names to twist your tongue? Watch these cute kids take a shot at the pronounciations of the pterosaur names in this video from the American Museum of Natural History. The names of the

The Impossibility Of The Night Shift

Meredith Melnick | August 26, 2014 | Healthy Living
By Avital Andrews Maintaining a regular circadian rhythm is crucial for human health. But almost 15 percent of full-time salaried workers in the United States work the graveyard shift, making them susceptible to sleep-cycle issues that, according to a...

Gut Bacteria Could Provide Peanut Allergy Protection

Amanda L. Chan | August 26, 2014 | Healthy Living
By Charles Choi, Contributing Writer Published: 08/25/2014 07:33 PM EDT on LiveScience Bacteria in the gut can help protect mice against peanut food allergies, according to a new study. The findings suggest that probiotics might help treat or prevent these potentially lethal food allergies in people, researchers...

GoPro Captures An Egg Being Poached Underwater, Incites Benedict Cravings

The Huffington Post | Kate Bratskeir | August 26, 2014 | Taste
It's a beautiful, rhythmic waltz.

Beloit Mindset List Reminds Us How College Freshmen View The World

AP | Tyler Kingkade | August 26, 2014 | College
Every year, Beloit College in Beloit, Wisconsin, releases its Mindset List to give a snapshot of how the incoming freshmen class views the world. The list for the Class of 2018: --- Most students entering college for the first time this fall were born in 1996. For these students, Tupac...

This Badass Lady Taxidermist Stuffs Her Animals And Eats Them Too

The Huffington Post | Priscilla Frank | August 26, 2014 | Arts
Elle Kaye is a 22-year-old scientist, sculptor, conservationist, and unconventional eater. More specifically, she's a taxidermist. Yes, stuffing and mounting dead animals is Kaye's passion and pastime. And after hearing the young artist wax poetic on the powers of restoring a once living thing to its former state...

Napa Earthquake Renews Calls For Early Warning System To Minimize Future Damage, Injury

AP | Nick Visser | August 27, 2014 | Green
VALLEJO, Calif. (AP) — The historic blue-collar town of Vallejo is a short distance but a far cry from the touristy Napa Valley vineyards and quaint towns. So when Sunday's earthquake struck, the damage to the wine industry took center stage and the rubble in Vallejo got scant attention. The...

11 Scientific Studies That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Farah Mohamed | August 26, 2014 | World
Reading a lot about the science of human behavior can make you cynical, sometimes deservedly so, but cynical nonetheless. On this blog I try to be accurate and useful and, as I have posted, research shows there is great power in optimism and hope. So I want to take a...

Weird Cell-Shaped Structure Discovered In Mars Meteorite

David Freeman | August 26, 2014 | Science
Scientists have found a strange structure resembling a microbial cell inside a Martian meteorite, but they're not claiming that it's evidence of Red Planet life. The researchers discovered the microscopic oval object within the Nakhla Mars meteorite, which fell to Earth in Egypt in 1911. While...

Children May Be Losing Their Ability To Read Emotions, But There's A Fix

Jacqueline Howard | August 26, 2014 | Science
Sure, your child can read emoticons. But a provocative new study suggests that all that screen time is making it hard for children to interpret real-life emotions. It shows that the more kids use digital media, the more their social skills decline. “Decreased sensitivity to emotional...

Homemade Hovercraft Is The Childhood Fun You Never Had

Ed Mazza | August 25, 2014 | Weird News
OK, dads... the bar for awesome has just been raised. A father who goes by the name of "Papa" on YouTube has made a homemade hovercraft for his kids. And it looks every bit as fun as it sounds. Papa wrote in the description that he...

What Fitness Trackers Revealed About The South Napa Earthquake

Amanda L. Chan | August 25, 2014 | Healthy Living
By Bahar Gholipour, Staff Writer Published: 08/25/2014 02:02 PM EDT on LiveScience It might be possible to know how many people woke up during the South Napa Earthquake that struck 3:20 a.m. yesterday (Aug. 24) by looking at their fitness trackers. The 6.0-magnitude earthquake that...