Blue Dogs Will Be Swept Out if Health Care Public Option Fails

08/28/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Right before network deadline time yesterday, it became clear that corporate health care companies were digging in on Congressional Democrats. These companies -- the same entities that have doubled the average American's insurance premiums, hooked millions of people on prescription drugs for life, and discriminated against individuals with pre-existing conditions in favor of profit -- showered Capitol Hill with lobbyists to bury health care reform with every resource they have.

Chief among the turncoats behind closed doors on Health Care Reform is Senator Max Baucus and his "conservative Democrat" contingent of Blue Dogs. These Republicans in sheep's clothing have collectively taken more money than their Republican counterparts, all while pretending to represent the Democratic party.

Well it is time to raise hell with these folks, and call the ball on them. This message is specifically for my fellow Progressive Democrats. It's time to get our brooms out and let these folks know we mean business.

The Blue Dogs will be replaced with Progressive Democratic candidates if we don't get a public option.

We must take control of our own destiny for the sake of all Americans. The public option is not something that can be swept under the rug, as 70% of all Americans want. Confusion, disinformation campaigns, and outright lies are being touted by the right in order to foster the "death" of the public option as part of the debate. The Blue Dogs are walking right along, their leashes being held by the same health care companies that feed their Republican counterparts.

That is wrong.

It is time for Progressives to pull our brooms out and remind Congressional Democrats (particularly the Blue Dogs) that we are the ones that put them there with our votes. Sure, they can take all the corporate health care money they want, but when it comes down to it, we won't think twice about kicking their asses out of office and replacing them with Representatives and Senators who truly represent the wishes of the people.

We also have to remind President Obama that we put him there as well, and his hyper-modulation over what "Health Care Reform" actually means will not be tolerated either. Time to buck up, Mr. President, and remember that the Progressive wing of the Democratic Party went along with your rhetoric, but we expect that you will deliver the public option. You can't give billions to the Finance industry on one end, and screw the people on the Health Care Reform mandate. You are expected to stand and deliver on this one, and call on Congress to do the right thing too.

If not, you're a one-termer as well.

Blue Dogs' feet, whether they belong to members of Congress or the occupant of The White House, must be held to the fire. They must understand that the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party is not going to allow corporations to control our future. We've put up with it for nearly 40 years, and it is no longer acceptable. The people must take back control over our representatives, and put them in their place, reminding them that without our votes, they don't have jobs.

UPDATE: 6:07PM EST / 5:07PM CST: Several wire services are reporting that a confidential planning memo states that the U.S. House of Representatives will not be voting on Health Care Reform before they adjourn for the August recess. -ScottsBigMouth