06/18/2010 12:38 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Is Mark Kirk Fit to Serve?

It would appear that Congressman Mark Kirk's embellishments are much more widespread than was previously known. What bothers me is that Mr. Kirk is a sitting member of Congress, and a member of the U.S. Armed Forces; and yet, the embellishments, which others would call lies, seem to be numerous and well-documented. It makes me wonder whether he is now, or should be investigated under the Uniform Code Of Military Justice for his lying.

It is not unusual for a politician to say just about anything to get elected. Politicians lie a lot. However, officers of the U.S. military are supposed to tell the truth. We probably don't yet know the extent to which NYTimes and others are looking into his statements and actions; but is the military looking more deeply into his military record, to see whether there are anomalies in his statements or other documented work he has done while a member of the armed forces?

If he were found to have lied or it was discovered he embellished statements in a political context, it might not be enough to cause him to be charged with violating UCMJ; but if he did so in his actual military position, or under oath during an investigation, it might be grounds for dismissal. To take that idea one more step--if the man were to be dismissed as a military officer, is he really someone who is fit to serve in either the House or the Senate?

Tigers can't change their stripes, figuratively speaking. There should be more investigation into the statements he has made in both the political and military context, as well as should there be a similar discovery regarding his Democratic and Independent opponents in the Illinois U.S. Senate race. The people deserve better.