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Scott Mendelson

Scott Mendelson

Posted: December 24, 2010 06:17 PM

10 Overrated Films of 2010

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Let us begin our look back at the year in film with a token acknowledgment of ten films whose reputations may not have been entirely earned. For the record, not all of the films below are bad pictures. But they all generated critical and/or audience esteem that they perhaps did not entirely earn. There is nothing wrong with overpraising a good film. It often emanates from a hunger for quality that often causes we the critics to look at a merely solid and/or competent piece of cinema and hail it as a groundbreaking work of art. The following are in alphabetical order.

The Ghost Writer
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The release of this film timed so conveniently with the arrest of director Roman Polanski that the reception of this film seemed to fall into two categories: "a triumphant thriller from a master artist" and/or "the new movie by that kiddie-rapist." Truth be told, the film is a well acted and genuinely old-fashioned would-be thriller. But far too much time is spent on the dull romance between Ewan McGregor and Olivia Williams, at the expense of Pierce Brosnan's terrific turn as "not Tony Blair." Furthermore, the climactic revelations are not bone-chilling, but rather silly and comforting. Like most conspiracy theories, it provided a more melodramatic and reassuring explanation behind the last ten years of British politics. Tony Blair wasn't really deceived/tricked/cajoled into following George W. Bush down the post-9/11 rabbit hole, was he? No, there is a far more sinister explanation afoot... right? The ideas offered are far more comforting than the notion that maybe, just maybe, Tony Blair agreed with George W. Bush. If you want a great thriller with Pierce Brosnan, check out The Tailor of Panama.
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And that's the list for this year. Hopefully (if time allows), I'll crank out the year's most underrated films tomorrow. Feel free to share your picks for "the overrated" of 2010.


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