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Scott Shrake

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Who Tells the Best Story in D.C.?

(0) Comments | Posted February 13, 2012 | 6:35 PM

They announce your name, the crowd applauds, you hop onstage in front of the microphone and blinding lights and share a true story from your life. Your stage fright melts away as the audience responds with laughs or gasps or groans, and when you step off the stage they are...

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Storytelling Needs a New Name

(4) Comments | Posted November 8, 2011 | 3:40 PM

The world's second-oldest profession has danced back into people's lives wearing spiffy new showbiz threads. It is fixing to claim its place next to acting, music and the visual arts. As soon as it gets a new name. Can you help?

Those other art forms can tell a story. A...

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Do YOU Agree with These Bumper Stickers?

(21) Comments | Posted September 4, 2010 | 11:01 AM

Having been so inspired by the message T-shirts from last weekend's Restoring Honor rally in Washington, I spent the week traveling America's 50 states, photographing bumper stickers. They are a great way to have a voice in the public debate! See if you agree with these ones... or...

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Beck's Restoring Honor Rally: Rate the Teabaggers! (PHOTOS)

(251) Comments | Posted August 28, 2010 | 3:29 PM

Sneaky Obama voter that I am, I dressed non-descriptly in a navy-blue T-shirt and white shorts, donned my camera on a strap and took the bus down to the Glenn Beck Restoring Honor rally in Washington, D.C., today. JEALOUS? I wanted to see this Tea Party phenomenon up close. And...

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Rate the Celebrities from Nerd Prom! (PHOTOS) (POLL)

(0) Comments | Posted May 2, 2010 | 11:34 AM

These are some of the famous faces from this year's White House Correspondents Association Dinner, also known as Nerd Prom. Betty White is clearly the biggest A-Lister going, she wins this poll walking away. But how do the others rate in the order of rank? You tell me!

For more...

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Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs: National Equality March

(4) Comments | Posted October 11, 2009 | 8:51 PM

Photos taken at the National Equality March, Washington, D.C., October 11, 2009. I marched, and I post these photos, in memory of my friend Shane, who died in April. I hope things will change and future generations of gay people will be happier in their lives, with the same milestones,...

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Robert D. Novak Is in the Book

(5) Comments | Posted August 18, 2009 | 6:30 PM

In the context of this sweltering Summer of Death, Robert Novak's demise was not greeted with surprise. It probably shouldn't have been anyway, since he was a 78-year-old man with brain cancer, which he had had for some time.

Little tributes poured onto Twitter and the Facebook Newsfeed, from...

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First Snapshots from the First Obama WH Correspondents' Dinner (Photos)

(8) Comments | Posted May 10, 2009 | 3:39 AM

Tonight was the first White House Correspondents' Association Dinner to take place during the new Obama Administration. As with all WHCADs, the mix of Beltway media personalities and Hollywood types was jarring but fun. Here are some snapshots. Your own hostess with the mostest, Arianna Huffington, was there, and makes...

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Shrake's Own Secrets of the 2008 Campaign!

(2) Comments | Posted November 11, 2008 | 6:01 PM

I'm glad the election is over so that I can stop feeling guilty about not writing more about it. Oh, I wrote a few things. Some serious, some not.

In the same spirit as Newsweek's Special Secrets Project, here are some of the things I did, thought...

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Jubilation In The Streets Of D.C. PHOTOS

(3) Comments | Posted November 5, 2008 | 8:12 AM

"It's been a long, a long time coming / But I know a change gonna come / Oh, yes it will" ~ Sam Cooke

In reverse chronological order, here are scenes from Election Night 2008 in Washington, D.C., as captured by the camera of your humble Ultimate Washington Insider...


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McCain's Sandbag: Revenge on Obama, Served Cold?

(19) Comments | Posted September 24, 2008 | 7:56 PM

John McCain's actions today — [CORRECTED: Barack Obama placed a call to McCain at 8:30 a.m. in which his campaign says he floated the idea of a joint statement on the Wall Street situation, which the McCain campaign disputes, saying he left a message but they didn't know why...

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Palin '08 = Bush '00

(222) Comments | Posted August 29, 2008 | 5:50 PM

Some time ago someone wrote this elegy for the last eight years (I'm paraphrasing): "Do you remember how you felt that first time you ever encountered George W. Bush, early in the 2000 campaign? Remember that feeling?"

I do. First, stunned. Then, my head cocked to one side, one...

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10 Obama/Biden Gaffes (So Far)

(44) Comments | Posted August 23, 2008 | 5:20 PM

While you were probably out doing some Saturday-ish thing, some weekendy thing, I was watching the Springfield speeches. I came away fired up -- I'll explain why below -- but was also intrigued by the many goofs and gaffes! I'll call them GOOFFES.


Barack takes the stage right...

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My Own Reverend Wright

(155) Comments | Posted June 17, 2008 | 8:04 AM

It's a truism by now: "The personal is political." The political is personal, too. Very personal.

During the uproar in March over the incendiary remarks of Barack Obama's longtime preacher, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Obama supporters implored people to be empathetic, saying "Don't we all have someone like that in our...

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Emotional Day for Hillary Backers: My Report From the Speech

(127) Comments | Posted June 7, 2008 | 11:57 PM

Because I live in D.C. and am the Ultimate Washington Insider, I had the privilege of witnessing history today. It was a day that I never thought I'd see: A woman candidate for president, who received the most primary votes of any candidate in history, graciously conceding the nomination to,...

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Snaphots: Our Political-Entertainment Industrial Complex

(1) Comments | Posted April 27, 2008 | 2:42 AM

In 1999, outside the renowned annual White House Correspondents Association Dinner, my friend Kristyne and I watched Rob Lowe, Janet Reno, Geraldine Ferraro, and a bunch of other famous people get out of their limos... and then... Miss Morgan Fairchild walked by. Kristyne yelled, in genuine admiration, "Nice rack,...

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I Wish There Were More Mayhill Fowlers

(102) Comments | Posted April 14, 2008 | 9:27 PM

Not just because she did us bloggers proud by presenting the unexpected scoop of the campaign, but because she is that rare Barack Obama admirer who can admit he's not perfect.

Obama himself is very good about admitting when he's wrong or when he's made a mistake. Quickly and...

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A Quessay on the Election

(6) Comments | Posted March 3, 2008 | 2:38 PM

Why have we seen Chelsea Clinton but not Bill in the audience at the recent one-on-one debates, and why don't Michelle Obama and her daughters ever appear at them?

Isn't it strangely prophetic that Barack Obama, in his 2006 book The Audacity of Hope, after admitting his own "unusually...

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Ellen Plays "Wizard of Oz" at Hillary's GWU Rally

(21) Comments | Posted February 26, 2008 | 8:40 AM

It was doubly fitting that Hillary Clinton should grab a much-needed ball of flame from Ellen "Yep, I'm Gay" DeGeneres, who made a surprise big-screen appearance onstage yesterday evening during Hillary's fundraiser rally at George Washington University here in D.C. ($200,000 raised, mostly at $25 a pop).

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Staffers At Clinton's Favorite Restaurant Spill the Beans

(8) Comments | Posted February 5, 2008 | 10:30 AM

I used to go to Lauriol Plaza in the 1990s when I would visit D.C., when Bill Clinton was president. During the time that my best friend was (briefly) dating Jake Tapper, who had previously (briefly) dated Monica Lewinsky. That's what the '90s were like on 18th Street...

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