04/08/2012 05:15 pm ET | Updated Jun 09, 2012

Partnering to Plant Trees -- More Than Two Million of Them

2012-04-08-INFOGRAPHIC_150.jpgWant to see what 2 million trees can do? American Forests and IKEA have created this infographic (right) to celebrate the 2 millionth tree we've planted together. Two million trees provide enough oxygen for one million people each year, as well as remove and store the carbon dioxide emissions of 10,000 average cars over each car's lifespan.

Since 1998, IKEA U.S. and American Forests have been dedicated to improving the lives of the many people, our habitat and ecosystems, through the national-in-store 'Plant A Tree' program. Donations made by IKEA shoppers, together with money donated by IKEA U.S., have helped plant trees across the United States through American Forests' activities. During April 2012, every swipe of the IKEA Family Card will result in an additional $.10 donation to our Plant A Tree fund.

Because natural disasters like severe storms and intense wildfires can damage or destroy large numbers of trees, we work to replant the areas that have been deforested. Each year, many of our projects in western forests are aimed at replanting areas that can no longer regenerate naturally because of high-intensity burns.

Restoration of any woodland will provide habitat for a wide variety of creatures, and some projects have been planted specifically to provide food and shelter for birds and animals, as their habitats are destroyed or degraded by climate change, wildfire, or human activity. .

Trees from the Plant A Tree program have been planted in many forests across America, including 74,000 trees in the McNally Fire restoration in California; 15,000 trees in Arizona for the Warm Fire Restoration project; and over 100,000 trees in the Lower Rio Grande in Texas.

Forests are the most important land-based ecosystems on earth. IKEA's commitment to planting trees makes a real difference, both for the health of our planet and its inhabitants. You can learn more about our work at American Forests on our website.