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10 Things We Learned From NFL Week 10

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  1. Braylon Edwards will not be elected mayor of Cleveland or have his Browns' uniform number retired in this lifetime.
  2. Former Cowboys' quarterback Don Meredith sent the New York Giants a message at halftime of their loss to the the Cowboys: "Turn out the lights. The party's over."
  3. Todd Haley develops a severe case of alligator arms after a loss.
  4. If you're looking for an apology from Santonio Holmes, you have a better chance if you're an opposing coach than if you're a flight attendant.
  5. Washington's defense apparently forgot they were playing on Monday night instead of Sunday.
  6. When Tom Brady gets mad at teammates, he gets results. Remember not to try this at home or at your workplace unless your name is Tom Brady.
  7. Defensive coordinators are going to start teaching their players to intercept Hail Mary passes instead of batting them to the ground (or into the arms of opposing receivers).
  8. Being a Dolphins' quarterback named Chad is hazardous to your health.
  9. Brad Childress and Gary Kubiak are the two head coaches who should be most worried about their jobs.
  10. Love means never having to say your sorry by giving your disappointing starting quarterback a75 million contract extension (even if "only"3.5 million is guaranteed).

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