NFL Week 12 - Tweet Dreams (The Thankful Edition)

11/28/2010 11:23 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Hypothetical tweets from real NFL figures!

@LanceMoore16 We're thankful Roy Williams plays for the Cowboys. #thanksgivingturkey

@A_Cromartie31 (Antonio Cromartie) Rex Ryan is thankful we played Thanksgiving Day so that he could say no when Macy's asked him to be a balloon in their parade. #fullofhotair

@davediehl66 Brandon Jacobs is thankful for Ahmad Bradshaw's fumbleitis. #helmettossforgotten

@cutondime (LeSean McCoy) Andy Reid is thankful for Rex Ryan so that Andy's not the heaviest NFL coach any more. #weightwatchers

@LFletcher59 (London Fletcher) Donovan McNabb is thankful that owner Dan Snyder believes any problem can be solved by throwing $75 Mil at it. #iscashokay

@bmac929 (Bryan McCann) Our team is thankful the Detroit Lions and New York Giants exist. #solongwade

@JaredAllen69 Brad Childress is thankful that he finally has time to realize his lifelong dream of starting an airport limo service. #notpickingupfavreagain

@AaronRodgers12 I'm thankful the Packers had the good sense to cut Brett Favre loose when they did. #timingiseverything

@LouisD_26 (Louis Delmas) Alphonso Smith is thankful we don't play the Patriots again for four years. #toast

@JayCutler6 I'm thankful Todd Collins is my backup. #jobsecurity

@TonyGonzalez88 We're thankful Roddy White decided to grow up. #deepthreat

@stylezwhite We're thankful that other teams still don't respect us. #blountinstrument

@TSutt22 (Tyrell Sutton) We're thankful that we're not on national TV more often. #closeyoureyes

@kerryrhodes Derek Anderson is thankful Matt Leinart was cut during training camp. #stilllookingoverhisshoulder

@NateClements Mike Singletary is thankful that Josh McDaniels didn't look at the videotape of our walkthrough. #mightexplainthevictory

@sj39 (Steven Jackson) I'm thankful that I'm still in one piece. #itsamiracle

@BDR76 (Russell Okung) We're thankful that Mike Williams thinks he's back in college. #flashback

@StevieJohnson13 I'm thankful that Ryan Fitzpatrick is our quarterback instead of Trent Edwards. #smartguy

@Kold91 (Cameron Wake) Tony Sparano is thankful we have only two quarterbacks named Chad on our roster. #danglingchads

@DMcCourty32 (Devin McCourty) Tom Brady is thankful that Deion Branch is back. #randywho

@MikeThomasJAX I'm thankful for Hail Mary. #fullofgrace

@Tweez41 (Antoine Bethea) Peyton Manning is thankful for Reggie Wayne, Pierre Garcon, and Jacob Tamme. #onlyhealthyreceiversleft

@DerrickWard32 Our team is thankful Gary Kubiak will be fired soon. #donttalktomeaboutplayoffs

@VinceYoung10 Jeff Fisher is thankful my hand is injured. #doesntstophimfromtexting

@mvp86hinesward Ben Roethlisberger is thankful for Georgia law enforcement. #canitakeapicturewithyou

@QBComa92 (Shaun Rogers) Jake Delhomme is thankful for Derek Anderson so that people don't think Jake is the worst starting quarterback in the league. #notsayingmuch

@terrellowens I'm thankful the season is almost over. #lookinthemirror

@raylewis52com I'm thankful for Georgia law enforcement. #prayingforjustice

@Huffy247 (Michael Huff) Al Davis is thankful that Jerry Jones keeps a high profile. #lanekiffinfanclub

@jcharles24 (Jamaal Charles) Todd Haley is thankful that Dwayne Bowe decided to group up. #stilllovesthoseroadtrips

@TimTebow Kyle Orton is thankful that @JayCutler6 demanded a trade. #whossorrynow

@AntonioGates85 Norv Turner is thankful that Philip Rivers is having a career season. #savinghisjob