10/02/2013 03:27 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

That Time My Dog, the Food Critic, Came to HuffPost Live

Cooking has always brought people together. But cooking for my dog turned into a real-life bromance.

Yesterday, my one-year-old dog, Oscar, and I were on The Rachael Ray Show to show off his skills as a puppy food critic. (See his appearance here.)

Here's how it happened. This summer, when my girlfriend went away on vacation, I embarked upon an admittedly weird plan: for one week I cooked pet-friendly meals from Rachael Ray's website and ate them alongside my dog.

I documented the project my for the food website using Oscar's own self-styled rating rubric -- the Wagat system... not to be confused with Zagat, of course. Oscar and I rated each meal out of five "tailwags" and he wrote detailed critiques of each meal -- including Instagram videos.

I plan to continue cooking for Oscar. But the whole ordeal has transformed our relationship beyond just our eating habits. It's catapulted us from merely owner-pet to best buddies.

Though now I'm worried the fame is going straight to his furry head. This morning he asked for a diamond-studded collar.

Watch Oscar's appearance today on HuffPost Live and follow him on Twitter (@oscarwildpup) and Instagram (@oscarwildpup)

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