09/12/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Russia is Still a Threat to America and to Europe

Honestly, who is scared of a terrorist?

You have more of a chance dying from a lightning strike than from a terrorist attack.

Terrorist organizations, by their very nature, are militarily weak organizations. The REAL threat has always been other nation-states, as evidenced by the recent war in South Ossetia.

A terrorist organization can do very little damage with the limited amount of technology, soldiers and weaponry that they can amass. The only real threat by terrorists exists from that organization having a state sponsor, such as Russia or Iran, giving them a nuclear weapon to use on their behalf.

Hiroshima killed 200,000...and that is a hell of a lot of people BUT...

World War II killed more than 60 MILLION people!

World War I killed more than 40 MILLION people!

Terrorism pales in comparison to war. The proverbial state vs. state all out war. Already more people are estimated to be dead in South Ossetia than in the 9/11 attacks.

What we have failed to realize and pay attention to is America's relative power compared to other nation-states. This is the reason international relations neorealists like Kenneth Waltz and John Mearsheimer were against the Iraq War from the beginning.

The argument was a war in Iraq would weaken America's power relative to other nations, like Russia and China, and that we couldn't afford that to happen. Russia and China remained formidable threats to our status as the world's hegemon and if we attacked Iraq and occupied it, we would be weakening our alliances, ability to influence, overstretching our military and crushing our economy.

Were they right? I think so.

When the United States was at its most powerful, we could influence other state actors to make certain decisions. However, our relative power is determined by two things, the strength of our economy and the strength of our military. How weak is our economy? How stretched and broken is our military?

Could the United States militarily threaten to go into Georgia in order to stop Russian aggression? If China decided to take back Taiwan could we do anything short of a nuclear attack to stop them?

We need to make sure we are all looking at the big picture.

Maybe this stems from there being less than 100 World War I veterans alive today and about 3 million World War II veterans left to talk about the horrors of these wars.

60 MILLION people...can any of us honestly imagine that?

Terrorists aren't the true threat.

Nations are.

Let's never forget that.