The SNL FAQ: Zac Efron and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs

05/13/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

It's Sunday. You have questions about last night's Saturday Night Live. We have answers.

Did they open with a political sketch? YES. Vice President Joe Biden (Jason Sudeikis) got caught acting all too comfy in the oval office when President Obama (Fred Armisen) returned from his first big trip overseas. No gifts for Biden!

How did the host do, and did he/she do anything outrageously funny? Zac Efron played the straight man, so to speak, and instead of putting him in a dress or making him seem foolish (other than singing with Kathie Lee as Cody Gifford), his night was spent mostly allowing the craziness to happen around him. I suppose if you were a tween who stayed up late (or recorded this), you were just happy to see Efron.

Who played President Obama? Armisen. Why do we even keep including this question...

Was there a digital short? NO.

Was there a fake ad? Sort of, kind of. Sudeikis played David Pappas, president of the alliance of direct mail marketers, in a video short explaining exactly how much a tree is worth in terms of all of that "junk" that shows up in your mailbox. The people at Chili's will be happy to see anyone mentioning their "fake" ad that ran during the first commercial break.

Did the musical guest lip-sync or otherwise do something worth mentioning? The Yeah Yeah Yeahs continued a recent trend, in which a loved but not well-known musical act performs its new single first ("Zero"), and returns later in the show with one of their first big hits ("Maps") that all the hip kids have loved for years already.

Did my favorite character return? YES. If you enjoy the parodies of the fourth hour of NBC's Today with Hoda Kotb (Michaela Watkins) and Kathie Lee Gifford (Kristen Wiig), Wiig's troublemaking student Gilly (which seems to be shaping up as a one-trick pony the show will be riding a la Debbie Downer or Pat), the New Jersey gay couple (Bill Hader and Armisen), celebrity blogger Angie Tempura (Watkins), and opposite band Jon Bovi (Will Forte and Sudeikis).

Were there any celebrity cameos? NO.

Did any celebrities get impersonated? YES. Fred Armisen played Penny Marshall sending well-wishes to Wiig's Kathie Lee Gifford (alongside Watkins as Hoda Kotb). Darrell Hammond appeared all-too-briefly (again), this time as a thawed-out Walt Disney, in a sketch in which Efron reprised his High School Musical role as Troy Bolton.

Did any politicians get impersonated? YES. Sudeikis as VP Biden, and Bill Hader as disgraced former New York Gov. Elliot Spitzer.

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