06/11/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

The SNL FAQ: #34.22 (Justin Timberlake)

It's late. You have questions about last weekend's Saturday Night Live. We have answers.

Did they open with a political sketch? YES. Will Forte, as Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, revealed that the feds had given the nation's banks a written test in addition to the "stress test" to see if they could remain viable. And some of the banks didn't take the test seriously enough, it seemed. About as funny as one could make a sketch about bankers.

How did the host do, and did he/she do anything outrageously funny? Justin Timberlake did exactly everything you'd expect from him -- which is both great and kinda predictable. Take your pick. Do you love JT? Then you loved him on SNL. But he did essentially reprise just about everything you had seen him do in his previous hosting gigs there. Lots of talent. Lots of energy. Little in the surprise department.

Who played President Obama? With the real-life Obama cracking jokes and getting ribbed at the White House Correspondents Dinner on Saturday night in D.C., perhaps this was a good time for an Obama-free SNL. Or the worst time?!

Was there a digital short? YES. JT and Andy Samberg produced a follow-up to their award-winning "Dick in a Box" with a gift for Mother's Day, "Mother Lover." Yes, they slept with each other's mothers for Mother's Day. The twist: Susan Sarandon and Patricia Clarkson played the moms!

Was there a fake ad? YES. Also Mother's Day related, Jason Sudeikis helped sell a Mom Celebrity Translator. It was funny because it's usually true.

Did the musical guest lip-sync or otherwise do something worth mentioning? Ciara performed two songs, one with Justin Timberlake. Good. Let's move on.

Did my favorite character return? YES. Kristen Wiig's Target Lady was back to annoy the customers, but this time with a friend in "Peg" (Timberlake). We also saw the return of the Barry Gibb Talk Show (Timberlake with Jimmy Fallon), and Timberlake & Forte teamed up for a new spin on an old sketch, this time singing about Plasticville instead of Homelessville or Omeletville.

Were there any celebrity cameos? YES. In addition to Sarandon, Clarkson and Fallon, we also got a trio of Star Trek actors onto the Weekend Update desk, with Zachary Quinto, Chris Pine and Leonard Nimoy promoting their movie.

Did any celebrities get impersonated? YES. Jimmy Fallon returned to SNL to play Barry Gibb with Timberlake as Bee Gee Robin. That sketch had "celebrity" guests but were overshadowed so much by the "Gibbs" that you'd be hard-pressed to remember them.

Did any politicians get impersonated? YES. In addition to Forte's Geithner, Bill Hader as disgraced former New York Gov. Elliot Spitzer and Fred Armisen as current Gov. David Patterson returned to the Update desk to tell more New Jersey jokes, and Wiig appeared briefly as Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

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