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Sebastian Copeland
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As an award-winning photographer, explorer, author, and environmental advocate, Sebastian Copeland has made the fight for the protection of the environment his life’s work.

In 2009, Sebastian, a board member of Global Green USA, traveled the Arctic with expedition partner Keith Heger on a journey to reach the North Pole, in hopes of raising awareness to climate change and its effects on the Arctic. The outcome of this voyage is the riveting documentary Into the Cold: A Journey of the Soul ( The film captures two men’s dramatic expedition to the North Pole in sub-zero temperatures - considered by experts to be the toughest expedition in the world –covering more than 400 miles on foot.

In May 2010, Sebastian and partner Eric McNair-Landry crossed the 2,300 kilometers of the Greenland ice sheet on skis and kites. After 43 days, they reached the northern tip while also setting a new World Record for longest distance traveled during one 24-hour period while kite skiing: 595 kilometers.

In November 2011, Sebastian will embark on a 4,700 kilometer crossing of the Antarctica continent within an estimated 85 days.

As a renowned photographer, Sebastian’s fine quality prints have appeared at the United Nations, the Council on Foreign Relations, Peabody Essex Museum and the Field Museum in Chicago among others. These works can also be found in private collections in both Europe and the United States. Sebastian is a winner of the prestigious International Photography Awards’ 2007 Professional Photographer of the Year for his first book, “Antarctica: The Global Warning.”

As an international speaker on climate crisis for over a decade, Sebastian has addressed audiences at the United Nations, the World Affairs Council, the General Assembly on Climate in New Orleans, the George Eastman House, Google Headquarters and to Apple’s Senior Design Team amongst others. He has appeared on Larry King Live, NBC, NPR, Air America, and Al Gore’s Current TV, as a champion of environmental causes.

Sebastian currently lives in Los Angeles. (

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