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Why Colorado Matters in the Health Care Debate

What's Your Reaction?

On Tuesday we told you about our open letter to the U.S. Senate, supporting an up or down vote for the public option. The response to our effort has been overwhelming: Over 16,000 people have already signed on to our letter at

When we elected Barack Obama on November 4, 2008, Colorado became a symbol of a fundamental change across America. On that day, we resolved to end the era of politics-as-usual, and instead work together to implement solutions that bring hope and opportunity to the American people.

A fundamental component of this change was our resolve to enact meaningful reform that gives all Americans access to quality, affordable health care.

We can't afford to move backward and allow special interests to trump the interests of the American people. That's why we urge all those who support meaningful reform to sign our open letter at urging the Senate not to filibuster the public option.

Colorado's always been a forward-thinking state. We were the first state to enact a Renewable Energy Standard. And with an unemployment rate three points lower than the national average, we're proving innovative in our approach to ensuring opportunity for Coloradans.

Time and time again, we've set an example for Washington, D.C. to follow. But our fight in the Senate to pass meaningful reform over the next few weeks won't be easy. That's why we hope to present the Senate with 25,000 signatures on our open letter at, to send a message to the Senate that Colorado voices matter -- and affirm that the change Colorado helped bring to our country is real and lasting.


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