08/26/2008 04:37 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The Issues Are Enough To Achieve Change

Last evening while watching the Democratic convention I became inspired to write a piece outlining my strong support for the Obama/Biden ticket this November. In doing so it's necessary to explain the reasons for my support. It's hard to find a specific issue to focus on with the uncountable detriments the Bush administration has inflicted on our nation -- all with the support of Senator McCain. However, the war in Iraq, tax cuts for the rich, job loss, and lack affordable health care for millions of Americans are good starting points.

John McCain has made it clear that he has no intention of ever withdrawing our troops from Iraq. If elected President, Senator McCain will keep our troops there indefinitely being attacked by an unidentifiable enemy. The Iraqis want a definitive time line for the withdrawal of our troops. Our troops and the American people want the same. Therefore, John McCain's position of "conditions on the ground will dictate" our departure from Iraq are irrelevant. How can he ignore the wishes of the Iraqi people, their government, and the vast majority of Americans? I think he answered that question himself numerous times by saying "I would rather lose an election than lose a war." Unfortunately for him he is on his way to losing it all. In addition, this endless war and occupation supported by Senator McCain has decimated our military manpower and capability. Thanks to this foreign policy fiasco (Iraq) our military is ill equipped to defend our nation should another crisis emerge -- so much for voting for John McCain on the issue of national security.

How do we as a nation continue a war in Iraq that costs over 10 billion dollars per month without raising taxes? We continue to spend money we don't have while borrowing money from nations we consider our adversaries. For example, China lends us money for the war in Iraq and to buy Arab oil. The Chinese are happy to lend us the money because they realize the obvious --as we get weaker they get stronger both economically and militarily. For the Chinese it's a marathon not a sprint. They know that if America stays on the current path they will eventually become the world's largest super power -- reducing our leverage and influence internationally.

Senator McCain's attack ads unfairly accuse Senator Obama of wanting to raise taxes on the middle class. Whoever is advising John McCain to run these negative ads doesn't have the sense God gave a flea. After 8 years of providing no tax relief to the middle class while giving tax breaks to those who don't need it the "straight talk express" clearly went off course. After all, Senator McCain (the Maverick) voted against the Bush tax cuts before he decided his intentions to make them permanent if elected President. These very tax cuts have significantly contributed to our national debt and crippled economy.

Most American manufacturing jobs have shipped overseas where foreigners will work for a third of our minimum wage. The profits still come home to the owners of the companies who receive large tax cuts due to their sizable incomes while they exploit cheap labor. Good times for them, but not-so-good times for the unlucky folks who worked those same manufacturing jobs for 15+ years before being disposed of leaving their families struggling with no livelihoods.

When right-wing politicians speak of the potential disaster of universal health care or any other health care plan put forth by the Democrats I struggle to understand their logic. How can these people advocate against our government helping American citizens in need? I'm pretty sure those same politicians receive their health care from our government. Oh yeah, Senator McCain took a page out of George W. Bush's book by pandering to that impressive crowd consisting of "the haves and have mores." News flash for McCain -- the "have mores" are not the majority.

For my conservative friends on the right who fear an Obama presidency, they have their selves to thank. They voted to empower George W. Bush -- the most incompetent president in American history. This man lied us into a tragic war, manipulated the Constitution to his liking, shunned the advice of our allies in the world community, rewarded his rich friends at the expense of the poor, and laughed about it. As a result our nation is seeking a total 360 degree change from the likes of President Bush and that is Barack Obama. With the help of Joe Biden and the American people I'm very confident we'll get that change.